Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys!
So I know that this is literally the day before Halloween, but if you're still out of a costume idea, you can do this black eye makeup tutorial, and the open wound or chopped hands tutorial and go as something super scary! Like a zombie!

I'm going to say don't do anything. Maybe a little contouring, but you don't want blush or flawless skin. You want to look tired, and dirty, and not perfect. If you do anything, I'd suggest do your brows because that actually makes a difference in the overall appearance. 

Start by taking a black eye pencil and taking it around the eye socket. Just in a circle around the top and the bottom, right where your eye socket meets the orbital bone. Then take the black eye pencil along your lashlines and fill in your waterline. Fill in the area inbetween with black and red eyeshadow, and start blending it everywhere! Finally, take a red lipstick (or a purple one) and start dabbing it along the outer edges. This will help blend it and will make it more dramatic!

I would go nude with this. Like concealer nude. Don't bother with a lipgloss because you want it to be matte, just like it would be if you were dead!

So I hope you enjoyed this final halloween tutorial! Don't forget to follow me on bloglovin, and check out my two prosthetic makeup tutorials here and here!


  1. Thank you for sharing!! Looks great

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  2. thanks Candice! I'm glad you've been enjoying these types of tutorials that I've been doing!

  3. thank you so much Charlotte!

  4. Great halloween look!