Monday, September 22, 2014

Starting a Blog Part 5: Monetizing pt 2!

Hey guys!
So there has been a HUGE break since my last "starting a blog post" (which was on Networking by the way) and this one! If you want to see all 4 previous posts, you can click here and as always, they're linked in the second row of the header under "Blogging Tips"!

This post is going to be a Part 2 to the first monetizing post! The first one focused on the "big picture" and general ideas about monetization and the main ways that I monetize my blogs! I totally recommend reading that one before this one so you have a bit of background info, so I'll link it here for you!

I wanted to do some "Insider Secrets" and tips on utilizing websites to monetize blogs! 

This is what gives me most of the ads on this website in the side bar and at the bottom of the page. It is hands down what most people use and it's wonderful! Your commission will be based on your RPM or rates per a thousand views, and you'll get paid extra for clicks! Google keeps around half of the profits, so it's not easy to make money with adsense unless you have tons of views!

Amazon Affiliates
Amazon affiliates is great because amazon literally has all the products that you'd want in one place! Plus there's a new tool that lets you create links on your blog by highlighting text in "view" mode rather than having to go back and add them in manually. 

This is a site that I'm sure not a lot of bloggers know about, but it's amazing! It pretty much converts any links to sites (i.e. sephora, macys, nordstrom...) into affiliate links! You don't have to go through a special website and you can link anything and can earn a commission! Also, the rates for commission vary on this site, but are (generally) much better than Amazon Affiliates as some sites pay over 10%!

This is a site that I know a ton of beauty bloggers use to get samples from companies! It lets you apply to different campaigns and if you're selected from the applicants, you can get free samples, exposure, and sometimes even money for reviews!

PassionFruit Ads
This is what I use to auction off advertising space on my blog. You can use this along with the other four, and is just an additional form of revenue, that allows you to sell directly to companies and others instead of going through adsense and getting random ads! Also, if you want to advertise on my blog, you can purchase slots here!

So these are the main 5 that I use! There are more, but I think that if you're starting out, these are the 5 to use (because that's what I use!) Let me know in the comments if you're a blogger and what sites you use to monetize your blog!

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  1. Great post. This is very helpful.

  2. thanks Tanya! I'm glad it was helpful!