Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starting a Blog: Full List of Posts

Hey guys!
This is going to be a really quick post! I posted a "How to monetize your blog pt 2" yesterday as a part of my "Starting a Blog" series, when I realized that it's actually very hard to find all of the posts in that series! 

So I'll link them all (in order) at the end of this post, but if you want more tips and tricks for navigating this blog, here we go! 

You can always find my main types of posts (share the love saturdays, hauls, reviews, tutorials, and starting a blog) in the side bar. It's in the right hand bar, under the search bar!

Which brings us to the next way: search it! I tag everything in this series "starting a blog" so if you search that, you'll get a list of posts!

Or... Here are all of the posts if you wanted to check them out!

  1. Setting Up Your Blog!
  2. How to Write a Good Post
  3. Monetizing Part 1 (the basics)
  4. The Importance of Networking
  5. Monetizing Part 2 (more advanced & my 5 favorite websites)
I hope that this post was helpful for you! Also, a new "starting a blog" post all about making your blog "shopable" will be up as soon as possible because it was requested!
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  1. These posts are really helpful, there's some things I wouldn't have even thought about before.

    Just wanted to let you know, I have nominated you for the 'Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person' Award over on my blog!


  2. thanks Katie! I'm super glad they were helpful :D and thanks for nominating me!!!

  3. entered! This is a great giveaway thanks!

    Also I nominated you for the one lovely blog award because your blog is so amazing! Click here for how to accept your nomination!

  4. yay! I'm so glad you entered :D and thank you so much for nominating me! I can't wait to do a post on the award!