Saturday, September 20, 2014

All My Social Media Links

So this is going to be a really quick post! I know that in the header, I have a "contact" tab that links all of my social media, but I thought that I'd do a post just laying all of them out because I've been using all of my social media accounts lately!

BLOGS: Modern Beauty Girl  and Other Modern Girl

YOUTUBE: Modern Beauty Girl and Other Modern Girl

BLOGLOVIN: Modern Beauty Girl  

TWITTER: @a_modern_girl

FACEBOOK: Modern Beauty Girl

INSTAGRAM: @miss_sienna

PINTREST: Siennana

GOOGLE+: Modern Beauty Girl

TUMBLR: Siennana

MY SISTER'S BLOG: Madi With a Blog

So follow me on one or all of these sites if you'd like instant updates about my life, new posts, and other things! Also, please check out my sister's blog because it's the cutest thing in the world because it's a 6 year old writing about her life! 

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