Monday, September 1, 2014

50 Ideas For Beauty & Fashion Posts

Hi guys! 
So I have days when I hit writing blocks or when I feel extremely unmotivated, but feel obligated to get out content for you guys. When these days happen, I usually turn to other blogs for ideas for posts. Today, I thought I'd make a list of 50 ideas for posts so that when you or I are feeling unmotivated, we have ideas for posts! Here we go!

Something of the Day/Night
1) Outfit of the Day/Night
2) Nail of the Day
3) Makeup of the Day
4) Lip of the Day
5) Hair of the Day

6) Review Something You Haven't
7) Review Something in a Video

8) Try a New Hairstyle and Do a Tutorial!
9) Everyday Makeup Tutorial
10) Do a Tutorial on a Trend (i.e. bright lips, smokey eyes, glitter...)
11) Do a Tutorial with a Pop of Color

Easy No Picture Taking Posts
12) Hair Inspiration (taking pictures from pintrest and writing about why it inspires you)
13) Makeup Inspiration
14) Fashion Inspiration
15) Inner Beauty/ Pep Talk Post (inspiring others to embrace themselves or talking about overcoming insecurities)
16) Talk About Something Random (like my short hair rant)

Obvious Posts, but Worth Mentioning
17) Hauls
18) Tags
19) Makeup Organization
20) Favorites
21) Makeup Collection
22) Perfume Collection
23) Closet Organization
24) What's in my Bag

Be Brave
25) Me Without Makeup
26) Something Personal About an Insecurity you Used to Have, or Still Have
27) Why You Started Blogging (be honest!)

Share the Love
28) Feature Another Blogger
29) Give Tips for Starting a Blog
30) Do a Post on Ideas for Posts 
31) Favorite Bloggers
32) Favorite Youtubers
33) Giveaway

34) High End vs Drugstore Beauty 
35) Dupes!
36) Splurge v. Save (fashion or beauty!)

Save, Save, Save
37) 10 under $10
38) Best Low Priced _____ (fill in blank with makeup item)
39) Share Some Coupon Codes or Sales!
40) $20 Makeup Challenge

Posts that Take Prep Work
41) Recipes 
42) DIY Fashion Accessories
43) DIY Beauty Items
44) DIY Home Decor

Use Your Talents!
45) Teach Us Something You're Good At!
46) If You're Good at Science, Incorporate it in a Post! (i.e. my science behind beauty series)  

Let's Get To Know You Better...
47) Q&A (maybe twitter?) if you have a following
48) 10 Things You Don't Know About Me!
49) Do a Post That's a mini Bio of Yourself 

50) if you haven't seen something useful yet, you're really not in the mood to blog. Take a day off! You deserve it! 

So those are my 50 ideas (or actually 49) for beauty and fashion posts! If you have any others you'd like to contribute, leave them in the comments and I'll add them to my list! 


  1. This is so so useful & helpful! I'm constantly trying to think of new post ideas, i'll be coming to this now! x

  2. What a comprehensive list! I would love to see a post about your favorite bloggers Those kinds of posts are great ways to find blogs that you might have never known about otherwise! Dupes and high vs low end are always fun too :)

  3. thanks Marlena! and I've already done a couple of posts on my favorite bloggers and youtubers! If you want to see all of them, click the "be featured" tab in the header, or if not, here's one on my favorite bloggers!

  4. Thanks-- I'll be sure to check those out!