Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Smokey Eye (Collab with BeautyandBliss67)

Hey guys!
In the summer, when I was first contemplating starting a youtube channel, I was tweeting Hope from Beauty and Bliss to get some tips and tricks. I mentioned maybe doing a collab with her once I figured out youtube a little better, and we finally did it! She's doing a fall makeup tutorial featuring a bold lip, which you can check out here, and I'm doing a fall smokey eye! 

Products I used!
So I hope you enjoyed this video! I have lots of new videos that I'm going to be posting in the upcoming weeks, so subscribe to my youtube channel to stay updated on that! I think a September Favorites will be up later this week!

Sunday, September 28, 2014

September Birchbox!

Hey guys!
I was going to do an unboxing video on this, but I decided against it because I have a couple videos that I need to post soon (like my collab with Hope from Beauty and Bliss 67) and if I had done this in a video, it wouldn't be up until October! 

I got my birchbox relatively late this month (September 27th), but it's all good because look at that box! It's so stunning! I love how its geometric print and even the bottom portion of the box was a solid ice blue shade! In my box I got...

Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum
This serum retails for $79, and I'm actually going to be giving this serum to my mom! I've been sticking to the basics with my skincare because it's been a little irritated lately, and I think that she'd enjoy this!

dr. Brant  pores no more vacuum cleaner
This is a mask that is supposed to cleanse pores so you get fewer blackheads ad smoother skin. Although I said I'm sticking to basics, I might use this only on my T-zone because this sounds really cool! This retails for $45. 

Dr. Jart+ BB Black Label Detox
I've been sticking to mineral and powder foundations lately, so I might not use this for a while, but I have loved all the Dr. Jart samples I've received in the past, so I'm really excited for this! The full sized product is $36. 

Noir Cosmetics Long-Wear Eyeliner
I am really excited for this because I am in total need of a good (long wearing) black pencil liner and this sounds fantastic! I received a full sized of this, which retails for $15 (so this product alone makes my $10 birchbox worth it!)

Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream
I'm a little disappointed in the sample size as the Caudalie retails for $79 and had a larger sample than this product, which only retails for $16! It is supposed to be an all over moisturizer and I'm not quite sure if or when I'll be using this!

Chapstick Hydration Lock Day and Night
I'm not quite sure about the retail value on this product, but it was included as an extra in my box this month! It is really cool because it has one end with SPF for daytime and another without for nighttime! I already used it last night and this morning and I'm loving it!

Overall I'm so pleased with this birchbox! I love everything from the box to the items and I can't wait to use it all! If you want to get a birchbox, you can click here to get it for $10 a month! Also, don't forget to follow this blog and enter my giveaway!
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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Shop My Favorite Things!

Hey guys!
So on all three of the blogs that I run (this one, my life one, and my sister's) I recently added a "shop" section! You can find it in the bar in the header on each of the blogs!

On This Blog...

You'll find beauty and fashion items that I've been loving! I update it monthly and its everything that I've been loving or that I want to purchase for myself!

On My Life Blog... 
You'll find all of my home decor items that I've been eyeing!

On My Sister's Blog...
You'll find outfits and cute things for little kids, curated by my 6 year old sister!

Be sure to check out all of the blogs for more shopping options, and don't forget to enter my giveaway! Also, the shop section does include affiliate links!
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Friday, September 26, 2014

OOTD With the Floral Bag!

Hey guys!
In one of my posts (I can't remember which one!) I mentioned that I've been into floral bags in my into/over section! I recently went out shopping with one of my friends and I thought I'd do an outfit of the day featuring the lovely floral bag!

Top: I'm wearing a black tank from American Eagle. It's hard to see in the photo, but on the front of the top, there are sheer woven panels. 

Shorts: As usual, my shorts are cuffed dark wash shorts from Old Navy

Necklace: It's a turquoise pendent necklace from American Eagle! I got this very recently, so I'm sure you could find the same one if you look at your local store!

Bag! The bag is a Nine West bag from Macys. I got it a while ago as a present for my grandmother, but she recently gave it back to me because she bought a ton of new bags and wasn't using this one anymore (thanks grandma!). It was bought in March and I haven't seen any of this style bag at Macys at the moment, but if you search online you could probably find something similar!

So I went with neutral clothing for this outfit because I wanted the colors of the bag to really pop in contrast to what I was wearing! I did, however, use a colored necklace, which is odd as there is no blue in the bag, right? Well for me, turquoise is sort of a neutral because I wear it so often and frequently with anything and everything! Also, I made sure that everything was cohesive by matching the hardware of the bag (silver) to the necklace (the string part is silver as well!)

I hope you enjoyed this post and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin and enter my giveaway!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person Award

Hi guys!
Kate, from Okay Kate nominated me for the Super Fun Time Excellence Good Nice Blogger Fancy Person Award and I thought I'd do it today!

I'm pretty sure the rules are: to answer her 10 questions, nominate people, and then write 10 questions for the nominees! So let's get into Kate's questions!

1) What's your favorite thing about makeup?
It would definitely be the ability to change yourself and be creative! I love how you can look so different depending if you do a smokey eye or a dark lip, and how you can almost take on a different persona depending on what you do!

2) What's your favorite drugstore brand?
I'm going to go with Covergirl! I love the covergirl mascaras (just finished the Flamed Out, and now I'm using Clump Crusher) and they also have really good blushes and face products too!

3) What's your favorite high end brand?
I really like MAC! It's expensive, but they have really good products all around (love their eyeshadows, concealer, and lip products) and for a high end brand, it's not too pricey! 

4) How often do you wear makeup?
Almost everyday. But I don't necessarily wear all of my products everyday. Usually just some mascara, powder, and brow products!

5) What's your favorite film?
I love Divergent and I also love The Spectacular Now. Haha both Shailene Woodley/Miles Teller films, but they're both so good and I could watch them a billion times and still want to watch it more. 

6) What's your favorite book?
On the Road - Jack Kerouac. I love how it's all about seizing the day, and doing something with your life, despite the consequences. It's a book I love because if you read it "on the surface" it's really good, but it gets better once you start reading into it and exploring the hidden meanings.

7) Have you got anything on your beauty wishlist?
Not right now! That's actually really surprising, but I'm trying to use up what I have currently!

8) What's your go to makeup look for a night out?
Probably a smokey taupe (with shimmer) all over the lid, blended up. A cream eye shadow under the brow and a thick line of black or navy eye liner on the upper lashline (smudged out) and some pencil liner smudged on the outer half of the lower lashline. And for lips, probably either a nude or a red!

9) Do you follow trends (beauty & fashion)?
Beauty: it depends. I sometimes follow trends, but in the end I do whatever looks best on me!
Fashion: it's very hot where I live, so for the fall and winter, not so much "style wise". But I do try to incorporate the "in" colors such as burgundy and deep shades into my fashion choices!

10) How often do you pamper yourself?
I try to do my nails once every two weeks and I attempt to do a mask or something for my face once a week (although I've skipped the last couple ones!)

I nominate:
Hope from Beauty and Bliss
Cali from CaliJae
Natalie from Yours Truly NY
and the rest of you!!!

My questions:
1) Favorite song?
2) Top 5 blogs?
3) Coke or Pepsi?
4) What's your favorite hairstyle on yourself?
5) Favorite model?
6) What's your dream job?
7) Straight hair or curly hair?
8) Heels or flats?
9) What's your favorite food?

10) What's your 3 "can't live without" products?

So I hope all of you guys answer these questions in the comments, and Hope, Cali, and Natalie I want to see you guys answer my questions!!! Thanks for reading everyone, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin (if you don't already)!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday #3

Hey guys!
So this week we're throwing it back to a few of my "series" posts! Some of these are still going on and others have been stopped for the time being, but all of them are super fun to read!

Share The Love Saturdays
These posts let me share the love with smaller bloggers/youtubers that wanted to gain some exposure! It's been slightly defunct for a while, because I haven't gotten many submissions, but I'll start it up again if you guys want it!
My Favorite Posts from This Series:

  1. Favorite Bloggers
  2. Share the Love Saturdays #5 (featuring Natalie from Yours Truly, NY)
  3. Share the Love Saturdays #4 (featuring Cali from CaliJae)
The Science Behind Beauty
This is a post that got out the bio/chemistry junkie in me! I haven't done one of these in a while, but I will once I come up with some topics to write about (and if you have any ideas, let me know!)
My Favorite Posts from This Series:
This is the series I've been really working on lately! I give tips and tricks for new (and older) bloggers! I recently got requests for "how to make your blog shoppable" so that'll be the next post in this series!
My Favorite Posts from This Series:
  1. How to Network 
  2. Monetizing Pt 2! (Websites I use to Monetize)
  3. Posting!!! (all about that content!)
I hope you enjoyed this throwback post, and check out all of my series! I'm going to try get back into writing for these because they're really fun and different (especially the science behind beauty posts!) Let me know in the comments if you have any ideas for blog series and enter my giveaway!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Starting a Blog: Full List of Posts

Hey guys!
This is going to be a really quick post! I posted a "How to monetize your blog pt 2" yesterday as a part of my "Starting a Blog" series, when I realized that it's actually very hard to find all of the posts in that series! 

So I'll link them all (in order) at the end of this post, but if you want more tips and tricks for navigating this blog, here we go! 

You can always find my main types of posts (share the love saturdays, hauls, reviews, tutorials, and starting a blog) in the side bar. It's in the right hand bar, under the search bar!

Which brings us to the next way: search it! I tag everything in this series "starting a blog" so if you search that, you'll get a list of posts!

Or... Here are all of the posts if you wanted to check them out!

  1. Setting Up Your Blog!
  2. How to Write a Good Post
  3. Monetizing Part 1 (the basics)
  4. The Importance of Networking
  5. Monetizing Part 2 (more advanced & my 5 favorite websites)
I hope that this post was helpful for you! Also, a new "starting a blog" post all about making your blog "shopable" will be up as soon as possible because it was requested!
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Monday, September 22, 2014

Starting a Blog Part 5: Monetizing pt 2!

Hey guys!
So there has been a HUGE break since my last "starting a blog post" (which was on Networking by the way) and this one! If you want to see all 4 previous posts, you can click here and as always, they're linked in the second row of the header under "Blogging Tips"!

This post is going to be a Part 2 to the first monetizing post! The first one focused on the "big picture" and general ideas about monetization and the main ways that I monetize my blogs! I totally recommend reading that one before this one so you have a bit of background info, so I'll link it here for you!

I wanted to do some "Insider Secrets" and tips on utilizing websites to monetize blogs! 

This is what gives me most of the ads on this website in the side bar and at the bottom of the page. It is hands down what most people use and it's wonderful! Your commission will be based on your RPM or rates per a thousand views, and you'll get paid extra for clicks! Google keeps around half of the profits, so it's not easy to make money with adsense unless you have tons of views!

Amazon Affiliates
Amazon affiliates is great because amazon literally has all the products that you'd want in one place! Plus there's a new tool that lets you create links on your blog by highlighting text in "view" mode rather than having to go back and add them in manually. 

This is a site that I'm sure not a lot of bloggers know about, but it's amazing! It pretty much converts any links to sites (i.e. sephora, macys, nordstrom...) into affiliate links! You don't have to go through a special website and you can link anything and can earn a commission! Also, the rates for commission vary on this site, but are (generally) much better than Amazon Affiliates as some sites pay over 10%!

This is a site that I know a ton of beauty bloggers use to get samples from companies! It lets you apply to different campaigns and if you're selected from the applicants, you can get free samples, exposure, and sometimes even money for reviews!

PassionFruit Ads
This is what I use to auction off advertising space on my blog. You can use this along with the other four, and is just an additional form of revenue, that allows you to sell directly to companies and others instead of going through adsense and getting random ads! Also, if you want to advertise on my blog, you can purchase slots here!

So these are the main 5 that I use! There are more, but I think that if you're starting out, these are the 5 to use (because that's what I use!) Let me know in the comments if you're a blogger and what sites you use to monetize your blog!

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Sunday, September 21, 2014

How To Achieve Your Dreams!

Hi guys!
This is a topic that I've wanted to cover FOREVER! Because this topic is so important to me, I'm leaving you guys with a choice: watch the video, or read my tips in this post! It's pretty much the same info either way, but now you can decide if you want to hear me talk, or read it for yourself!

Tip 1: Stay Organized
This is so important if you're balancing school, work, and starting a blog, youtube channel, or company! I've been using Evernote lately to keep everything neat and organized, but you can use whatever you want! It's especially important for bloggers/youtubers because you can figure out what you want to post, when you want to post it, and when you have time to edit/film!

Tip 2: Network
I can really only talk from a blogger/youtuber standpoint, but I'm sure its the same no matter what! You want to make connections with people in your field of interest that are already established because they have strong connections, and can also give you pointers. If you're a blogger/youtuber, you also want to make connections with others who are in a similar stage as you because then you can grow together!

Tip 3: Research!
Everything, no matter if you're a blogger/youtuber, or a boutique owner is business based! You need to have a business outlook and some knowledge because it helps you monetize more effectively! I read Fast Company, Fortune, and Forbes online every day to learn! If you want to see some of my favorite articles, check out my Facebook because I share them on there!

Tip 4: Have a Great Outlook!
There is such thing as an external locus (where you think everything that happens to you is caused by someone else or an outside force, like fate) and an internal locus (where you believe what you give is what you get). You want to have an internal locus because that's going to motivate you to work and produce results!

Tip 5: Have FUN!
This is so important because if you're not having fun, what's the point? Always have fun and never do anything that you don't agree with 100%! 

I hope you enjoyed this post/video and don't forget to leave a comment below letting me know what your tips are! Also, enter my giveaway!
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Saturday, September 20, 2014

All My Social Media Links

So this is going to be a really quick post! I know that in the header, I have a "contact" tab that links all of my social media, but I thought that I'd do a post just laying all of them out because I've been using all of my social media accounts lately!

BLOGS: Modern Beauty Girl  and Other Modern Girl

YOUTUBE: Modern Beauty Girl and Other Modern Girl

BLOGLOVIN: Modern Beauty Girl  

TWITTER: @a_modern_girl

FACEBOOK: Modern Beauty Girl

INSTAGRAM: @miss_sienna

PINTREST: Siennana

GOOGLE+: Modern Beauty Girl

TUMBLR: Siennana

MY SISTER'S BLOG: Madi With a Blog

So follow me on one or all of these sites if you'd like instant updates about my life, new posts, and other things! Also, please check out my sister's blog because it's the cutest thing in the world because it's a 6 year old writing about her life! 

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Friday, September 19, 2014

Chambray Outfit of the Day

Hey guys!
So I've been super into denim shirts for the longest time! I actually did a more "summery" outfit of the day with this shirt a little while ago, which you can see here! 

Top: my top is a typical chambray/denim type shirt. It has denim buttoning on the front going half way down and the sleeves are cuffed just below the elbows. Mines is from old navy, and while I wasn't able to find this exact shirt, this one is quite close!

Jeans: when mixing denim on denim, I like to go for different washes. Since I did a typical blue wash for the top, I went for dark, black wash jean jeggings. Mines are also from Old Navy (I do lots of my shopping there!) and you can purchase similar ones here! 

Earrings: You really can't tell that I'm wearing earrings in the photos, but I'm wearing long pink earrings that I've gotten from jewelmint! 

Sunglasses: I got these brown aviators from Nordstrom! I was able to locate the exact ones online and you can buy them here!

So that was my denim on denim outfit of the day! I love denim on denim for fall and winter because it's casual and chic, but super comfortable at the same time! Let me know how you like to do denim on denim in the comments and follow my blogs on bloglovin when you get a chance!

...and I'm in to Boobs and Loubs  It's a blog by Morgan Fitzpatrick of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills (a reality show on E!) and it's witty and funny and I've enjoyed reading it a lot! I'm over physics! Holy homework! I swear we get between 5-10 pages of physics for homework every night! So. not. cool. 

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

Throwback Thursdays #2

Hey guys!
So this is the second throwback thursdays post (you can see the first one here) and I thought I'd throw it back to my favorite posts from September last year! Here they are!

1) Gold and Plum Makeup Tutorial

2) Nail Polish Swaps for Fall

3) The Science Behind Beauty: Why Heat Styling Works

4) 3rd Liebster Award

5) My "Right Before Bed" Routine

So I hope you enjoyed this post and check out some of the links! I love all of these old posts that I wrote, but #3 and #5 are my personal favs! Also, don't forget to enter my giveaway! You can win a MAC Lipstick and NYX Eye Palette!
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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

What's in My School Bag?

Hi guys!
I'm super excited to share a video with you today! It's a what's in my school bag video! I filmed it a couple weeks ago, so some of the items have changed, but for the most part, my bag's the exact same as in this video! 

My Bag!
Vera Bradley Tote (Style: Vera; Pattern: Clementine)

So I hope you enjoyed this video! I'm going to film a few more this weekend, so you're going to see me in something other than that blue tank that I've been wearing in the last 3 videos! Also, enter my giveaway (widget below)! I've been adding more ways to enter, so make sure you're getting all the entries you can!

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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Pop Of Green Makeup of the Day

Hey guys!
So as most of you know, I got the Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Freak for my birthday, and I've been experimenting with different ways to use it! This is one of those looks that I tried and fell in love with! You can't really see the green too well in the pictures, but I hope you get the idea!

Face: I used my Jouer Mattifying Bronzer on the perimeter of my face to contour slightly and make me look a little more tan! Then I took my Laura Geller Balance and Brighten powder foundation to even out my skin tone and mattify it. I also filled in my brows with MAC Espresso. Also, on a side note, sorry about my brows! I swear the right one is 10x larger than the left one in this picture!

Eyes: I've been in love with the One Direction makeup that Markwins sent me, so that's what I used for this! I used a brown jumbo pencil as a primer all over the eyelid, blended out with my finger. Then I took a taupe shade and patted it all over the lid. I took a matte cream shade and applied it under my brows as a highlight and took a deep brown powder shadow and used it as liner on the outer half of my upper and lower lashlines! For the pop of color, I used Freak eye pencil around the inner corner! It looked a little too dark, so for a bit of brightness I topped it with a shimmery white shade! It's not too noticeable in the photos, but it really pops in person! Then I finished up with a coat of mascara!

Lips: My lips have been hell lately, so I just used a clear lip balm!

That's my makeup of the day! Let me know how you like to use fun eyeliners in unconventional ways because I want to know how I can use Freak differently! Also, enter my giveaway! Widget at the end of this post!

...and I'm in to Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. It's totally my guilty pleasure show of the moment and I'm obsessed! I'm over HTML. I was trying to get into learning all about it so I could make my blog look really cool, but I'm kind of like "screw it! My blog's fine!" right now.
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Monday, September 15, 2014

200 Follower Giveaway!

Hey guys!
I'm so stoked for this post because it's a GIVEAWAY!!! I recently reached 200 followers on my bloglovin, and that is absolutely amazing for me! So here's the good stuff!

Prize: Your choice of a NYX palette (Natural, Adorable, or Smokey) and Your choice of a MAC Lipstick!

Nitty Gritty: 
  1. Giveaway runs from 9/15/14 to 10/6/14
  2. United States Residents Only!!! I'm so sorry if you're international, but shipping is really expensive!
  3. If you're under 18, please get your parents permission to enter as I will be needing an address!
  4. Winners will be picked on 10/7/14 using random.org! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

So I hope that you guys enter this giveaway and are as excited as I am about this! Also, I haven't tried the NYX palettes, so I can't give an opinion on which is best, but if you win and want lipstick suggestions I'm all yours! 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

So you wanna blog on an iPad?

Hello guys!
So this post is going to be on blogging on an iPad or any mobile device for that matter. As most of you know, I got a iPad mini for my birthday and it's been where I've been blogging from the most recently. This is just what works for me, and you can tweak it for your needs and wants!

I like the blogger app. It's very basic, but it is good for getting words and pictures out in the order I want. Usually I email myself pictures and save them to my camera roll on my iPad, if I need pictures for the post I'm writing, because the app makes it super easy to insert them. 

The downside of the app is that you can only do very basic things. You can bold and italicize, but if you need to change the size, color or font, you need to go outside the app. Also, the app places pictures on "original size" and in its own row, so you may need to change that based on your preferences. Also, if you want to link text, you'll need to go out of the app.

So I go to my browser (I use safari, but you can use whatever you'd like) and go to blogger. I use this to change the font if I need to, link text, and fix the layout of pictures. You could do it all on the we page, but it's harder to add in pictures and it's less streamlined.

Now that you're done writing a post, how about Adsense or Analytics? Currently there are iPhone apps for both of these things, but not iPad apps so I would go to the webpage if you want to look at that. Also, the app doesn't show statistics, so once again, go to the webpage for that!

Honestly, blogging on the iPad is a lot more difficult that desktop blogging, but it can be more convenient if you're on the go and it is possible! Also, you can 100% use these things on a iPhone, but I wouldn't recommend it because the layout is just a lot smaller and it makes it a lot harder. 

If you blog using your iPad and you have tips that I haven't mentioned, leave it in the comments because I'm interested to see how others blog on iPads! 

...and as usual my in to is my iPad mini! It's seriously my baby and I've been on it a lot more than I'd like to admit! And my over is coffee! I've been more into iced teas lately. Especially the peach green tea lemonade and the blackberry mojito tea lemonade from Starbucks! Or milk tea!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Update Video!

Hi guys!
So if you follow my blog and twitter, you probably know all of these things already, but if not, I have a video for you!

I hope you enjoyed this video, and please subscribe to my youtube channel for more beauty and fashion videos! Also, check out the links above to see some really amazing stuff!

Advertise With Me!

Hey guys!
I'm selling advertising space in my side bar to bloggers/etsy shops/websites now! This info will always be in the "Advertise" tab in the header, but I thought that I'd put it here too!

My Stats:

All time views: 31,000+
Daily views: 150+
Monthly views: 4,500+
Followers (twitter, google +, facebook, pintrest, insta): 800+
Bloglovin followers: 200+

Also, yes the types are named after gossip girl characters! And more ad types (such as shoutouts and banners) will be posted soon!


Friday, September 12, 2014

Everyday Makeup Routine

Hey guys!
This is the makeup that I've been wearing for around a month! I switch up a couple products depending on the day (i.e. bobbi brown concealer or mac pro longwear), but other than that, this is what I've been wearing! It's great because it leaves you looking great all day (no touch ups!) and you can also switch up the liner, blush, or lipstick to make it more dramatic!

Products Mentioned: 
Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer
Bare Minerals Foundation
Model Co Bronzer
Ofra Eyebrow Pencil
MAC Espresso
One Direction Take Me Home Kit (mascara, jumbo eye pencil, shadows)
Maybelline Baby Lips Peach Kiss

So I hope you enjoyed this makeup tutorial! Please give this video a thumbs up and subscribe to my youtube channel if you like my videos! Also, I need 7 more followers on bloglovin before a giveaway! Right now, I'm thinking about having 2 winners and I hope we unlock the giveaway really soon! Let me know what products are in your everyday makeup routine in the comments because I'm super curious!

...and I'm into my facebook page! I've been posting a lot more, so like it! And I'm over tofu! I got super sick from some bad tofu I ate the other day and I'm avoiding it at all cost right now! I'll probably be back to eating it very soon, though!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Fall Makeup Essentials!

Hey guys!
So this post is going to be on my fall beauty essentials! I recently heard about Raise.com, which is an amazing site that let's you buy gift cards at reduced prices and I wanted to share it with you because it's a great way to buy what you want, while saving money! I also thought that it would be fun to show some products that I've been lusting after because you might want to check them out too! Okay, so now about those favorites....

First off, you need a good neutral palette! I don't actually have the Naked 1, but it's on my "to buy" list, so that's why I put it here! But really anything like the Nude Tude palette or the Lorac Pro would work really well! I like ones with deeper shades too, because it lets you go for a deep smokey eye! You can purchase the Naked 1 here!

This is a slightly different type of product and you might not think "light pink blush" matches "fall", but I love light understated blushes because it allows you to go bold with the lips or deep with the eyes! This one is the Benefit Dandelion, and you can purchase it here!

Reds and fall go hand in hand, but berries are a shade that I'm getting more into! Another on my "to buy" list, Melted Berry seems like the perfect, full coverage, dark berry shade! You can buy Melted Berry here!

So I know this was a really short post (for me at least!), but really, all I think you need for fall is a nude eye palette, light blush (pinks and peaches are best!), and a deep lip (red or berry!)! Check out Raise if you want, and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin because I'm doing a giveaway once I get 6 more followers!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Throwback Thursday #1

Hey guys!
I've been blogging for over a year now, and I'm nearing 600 posts (I'm at 594 right now, although 5 are still in draft form!) I figured that throwback thursdays shouldn't be solely for instagram, but also for my blog! I know many of you have read from the beginning, which I truly appreciate, but I also know that within the past month or two, I've gained lots of followers, so I thought I'd do a post featuring some of my older ones!

How I organize my makeup collection!

Beauty tips using lemons!

TheBalm's Nude Tude palette review!

DIY Crayon Candle

Why do you wear makeup TAG!

Best red lipsticks!

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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Rimmel Stay Matte Powder Review

Hi guys!
I recently bought the Rimmel Stay Matte Long Lasting Pressed Powder and I thought I'd review it for you guys!

So first off, I'm horrible at picking out the correct shade! I was like 3 Natural, sounds pretty good, but then I get home and it is very, very, very light! But that's the good thing about powder I guess, that you can blend it out very sheer and the color doesn't matter as much!

This powder is so soft and fine! It's such a good feeling powder on the skin and it blends like a dream! It's also amazing because it's soft and fine, but doesn't kick up excess dust and product when you're swirling your brush in it, like other powders can do! The powder comes with the crown embossed in it and the packaging is very slim and sleek, although the lid can sometimes pop off if it's in a makeup bag with a lot of different things. 

The only thing that I dislike about this product is the scent. It is extremely strong and it smells like old hairspray in that sickly sweet way. I only smell it when I'm applying it, but once it's on the skin the smell goes away. I would be careful of this if you have sensitive skin because it can irritate people's skin, but I haven't had a problem with it! 

So overall, it's great for a cheap drugstore powder! It has very sheer coverage, so if you're looking for something to set a foundation, this is good, but if you want something more full coverage, I wouldn't get this! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this powder or what your favorite powder foundation is!

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I dropped the powder on the floor and it shattered like nobody's business. It is a very "creamy" feeling powder and I think that there was excess moisture so it crumbled more. I attempted to repress it, so we'll see how that goes!

...And I'm 
In To: my Beats headphones! I've been using them more frequently lately, and I'm loving them so much!
Over: milk chocolate! A month ago, this would've been my favorite thing in the world, but lately, I've been more into dark chocolate! 

Monday, September 8, 2014

Serena or Blair?

Hi guys!
So when I'm watching television shows, or movies, there are always characters that I feel like are "me" and that share many personality traits with me. I thought it'd be fun to do a whole post on this, sharing what character I would be in various television shows!

Serena Van Der Woodsen - Gossip Girl

I think that in Gossip Girl I would be a Serena. I am not wealthy by any means and I am not a partier like she is, but we are similar in other ways. We both get things very easily. She tends to get what she wants very easily, and things almost come to her and are given to her. I work for everything I have, but at the same time, things also come very easy to me. Academically, I never really put in much effort compared to my classmates and I do fine! Like in AP biology, I never read the textbook (oops!) and got an A in the class; even on my SAT I didn't prep too hard, and got a 2000. She's also very friendly and nice (especially compared to Blair), but at the same time can throw shade and be catty too, which I think fits me perfectly. 

Phoebe Buffay - Friends

If my life was Friends, I would be Phoebe. I'm very neurotic and very, very, crazy and I think that I match Phoebe perfectly! I am not a musician, or a masseuse, but we are both very chill (unlike Monica) and think of the weirdest things to say! 

Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory

I would definitely be Sheldon. I am very neurotic, but also very competitive, like Sheldon. I definitely don't like to apologize, ever, and I have a tendency to think that I'm unbeatable and that I'm always right (even when I'm wrong). 

Creed Bratton - The Office

Instead of being a typical office character, like Jim or Pam, I would be Creed. He's been a secondary character, but at the same time, has always made a large impact and has been very interesting. I love how his life is a big secret, and he reveals it a little at a time, which although isn't something I do, is similar to me. Instead of revealing it a little at a time, I keep aspects of my life hidden, and I keep aspects of my life to me alone, which is very Creed. 

Charlotte - Sex and the City

On the surface, I seem like a Carrie as we both write for our "jobs". Her as a freelance, and me as a blogger! But deeper down, I see myself as a Charlotte. She is very family based (as shown when she wants to have children) and is very cookie cutter, which is pretty much how I am when it comes to love and family values. 

I'll cut myself off here! I think that there will definitely be a part 2 to this post, as there are lots of other television shows (like Family Guy) and movies (like Divergent or Harry Potter) that I want to include in a similar post! Let me know in the comments what characters you'd be for any television shows, and don't forget to follow this blog on bloglovin!


... and I'm in to my sister's blog! I'll link it here if you'd like to check it out! and I'm over physics! It's too complicated for me!