Saturday, August 23, 2014

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer NUDE ECLIPSE Review!

Hey guys!
So I already reviewed the Comet shade and I thought I'd review Nude Eclipse for you today! I'll keep this intro short and sweet and let's get into the good stuff!

I love the packaging on these! It's a tube that has a gradient from the color (bottom) to black (top)! It's really awesome because it looks great and you can also see the shade through the packaging. The applicator is a doe foot with a slight dip in the middle, forming a sort of bowl that carries more of the product from the tube to the lips. I love this because it makes it super easy to apply and you don't have to keep dunking it in!

The shade is a very concealer-like nude. Is it attractive on me? Not in the slightest, but I think that it can look good on someone with slightly lighter skin than me or with a pinker lip liner under or lip gloss over it! The pigmentation on this is great and I can get full coverage with minimal product. Because it is a very light nude, you do have to be careful and get it right up to the lip line because it can look crazy if you don't. The doe foot applicator isn't the greatest for that, but if you're careful, it'll work just fine. 

The consistency of this product is different. It is a stain, but it doesn't have that water-like consistency that they tend to have. This one has a very creamy, yet lightweight feel almost like an OCC lip tar if you know what that feels like. It doesn't dry down like a normal stain does. It leaves my lips feeling hydrated instead of dry and also doesn't flake off like normal lipstains can. 

Overall, I give this product and formulation a big thumbs up, but maybe not this exact shade. I was looking for a nude, so I have no regrets with this product, but I might suggest keeping the lightness of it in mind if you're interested in purchasing. 

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