Tuesday, August 12, 2014

One Direction Eye and Body Crayon Review

Hi friends!
So I already posted my first impressions of the One Direction Take me Home makeup set, but I promised in that post (which if you haven't seen you can read here) that I would do individual reviews on all of the products! I'm going to try get them all out before August 11th because that is when the makeup is released at Macy's. Also, I know I'm doing individual reviews on products only sold as a set, but that is so you can see what I think of the individual products and you can decide for yourself if it is something worth purchasing (I think it's going to be sold for $29, but I don't know if that's exact.) Let's get started!

We should start with packaging! It is a matte black with glossy black writing on it that doesn't really make sense because you can't read it! It is a pencil that needs to be sharpened, which is a downside, but that isn't that big of a deal for me.

The color I got was "I Wish" from the Take Me Home set. This is the most natural set of the three and the pencil is in a medium chocolate brown type shade. The formula is so smooth and it applies like a dream! There is absolutely no tugging and it glides really awesome. It also blends really well, although it never completely sets. This means that if you have oily eyes, you should use a eye primer underneath it and everyone should set it with powder!

So how'd you like that review? Short and sweet, right? Okay so for my final thoughts: if you're going to buy this makeup set primarily for this jumbo pencil, I would say don't buy the kit because it is so similar to NYX jumbo pencils because both of them need to be set with powder and NYX has a ton more colors! But if you're eyeing some other products as well, read my other reviews on them (coming in the next few days) and decide for yourself!
Let me know what you think of the one direction set if you end up getting it or if you got a press sample like me! And leave a comment below letting me know which member of one direction is your favorite! I'm not super into any of them, but I guess mines would be Zayn!


  1. I didn't know they had a makeup set, I'll have to keep an eye out for it!


  2. Yeah they do! They have three different kits that are going on sale on August 11th at Macy's! I did a post with my first impressions on the kit that I got, here if you want to check it out!