Saturday, August 16, 2014

Follow Your Dreams

Hi everyone!
This is going to be a different sort of post because it's not beauty or fashion based, but it's on a topic I feel is important and I wanted to do a inspirational post for you today!

I am currently a senior in high school. I pretty much just turned seventeen and my dream job would be to have a career as a blogger or vlogger. That dream job seems a little far fetched and I get that. But, I put myself on this blog and my other blog, and my two youtube channels because I believe that this is something I can do as long as I put in time and effort. The other day I posted a tweet that said something along the lines of "I can't believe my friend just launched his media marketing company. High schoolers can do great things!" and I wanted to branch off of this idea and write a whole post on it. 

I know that many parents have high expectations for their children. Mines are no exception. I've been told to think of potential income when choosing a college major or a future career. As children and young adults we become trapped in the mindset of "my parents say I can't be a ____ and they're right" or "my parents want me to become a _____, so I will when I really want to be a ___". I don't believe in that. I think that dreams are so important and following them is even more important. It doesn't matter if your blog doesn't produce revenue, or your etsy shop has no buyers as long as you're putting yourself out there, you're taking the first step towards greatness. 

Our generation is different than the previous ones because we have the ability to make things happen for ourselves. I know multiple people who are getting paid for doing things that they love. A couple of my friends are making tons of money with senior portraits because they are charging less than professionals, but still doing a hell of a good job. Another classmate has pitched his business to people at Harvard during Junior year of high school. As for the friend I referenced in the tweet, he has clients and is doing great things. 

No matter what your dreams are, you have the ability to achieve them. The hardest part is taking that first step, believe me, I know what that feels like, but every thing after that is nothing but fun. If you enjoy what you do, you'll never work a day in your life and I want all of you guys to love life and love what you do. 

So for all of you guys who are interested...
In To: being 17!!! As of when I'm writing this I'm still 16, but I plan for this to go up after thursday, so yay for being a year older (and hopefully wiser!) I'm also really into people following their dreams ;)
Over: people telling young adults and teenagers that we're incapable of greatness because that's a load of crap! We may be younger, but we can achieve wonders.

And... if you're wondering about all of my friends/classmates companies I'll list them here for you!

Sienna (me): blogging, vlogging, and online personal shopping (learn more about that by clicking the tab at the top of the page)
Christian: Amber Blue Films (photography and filming; webdesign; vlogs)
Troy: Rising Summit (social media marketing)
Gabe and Nick: Art by Gabe and Nick (photographs by Nick and drawings by Gabe)
Kelli: Akemi Swimwear (online bikini store)
Lauren: Salt and Water (printed clutches and laptop cases)
Julia and Michelle: Milia808 (youtube vlogs)


  1. GREAT POST! It's great to see you chasing after your dreams. Everyone have to start somewhere and it's about taking that leap of faith and work hard at it to get the results. My parents are the same, they didn't agree with me studying fashion..and they still don't. But hey, as long as I'm happy and I'm working hard to show them my efforts, I'm sure they'll come around. I believe that your blog will become a huge success. Keep at it, girl!! :)
    Ps. I hope you had wonderful birthday :)

  2. Thanks Natalie! I believe that you'll be a successful blogger too! It's so important to chase after our dreams when we're young, so we don't regret anything when we're older! The hardest part is betting on yourself when no one else will, but blogging has made me so happy and I wouldn't trade it for the world!