Monday, August 18, 2014

Back To School Makeup Inspiration

Hey guys!
So this makeup inspiration might not be exactly "back to school" worthy for some of you guys, but they are some things that I might wear to school! I get that a couple pictures might be too heavy of a look for school depending on where you go and what grade you're in, but "inspirations" are exactly what this is, so I hope it's still helpful!

So this is the most wearable of all the makeup looks that I have for you guys today! I love a good cat eye and I think that it's a way of looking really put together, while still only spending 15 minutes on your look! And a good pink lip is always in, although I could also see this looking fab with a deeper brown/nude color!

I love a good bronze look because it makes it seem like you spent all of your summer at the pool or beach instead of at a job! I wouldn't go so glowy or as heavy on the highlight as the one in this picture because I could see that being a mess after a day at school, but a little bit of bronzer could look great!

This might not be everyone's cup of tea, but I love it! That lip color is seriously my favorite (Rimmel Showoff Lip Lacquer in Comet is close) and I think that it's a great lip color for school! The eyes in this look are very smokey and dark, but I love the idea of a heavily lined eye on like a friday or just a day when you want to be edgier!

So I totally get that you guys might not like these looks for school, but I think regardless, they'll be good inspiration for a night out or even a weekend! 

and today I'm...
In To: Running Wild. Seriously the best television show ever! It's where Bear Grylls takes celebs into the wilderness. So far there's been Zac Efron, Channing Tatum, and Ben Stiller!
Over: Starbucks prices! They are just so high right now! My dad even said it's scary when a drink costs more than a happy meal!



  1. I really love the middle look - although i think you are right and that much bronzer could be totally rank at the end of a school (or work) day!
    I also love the Into and Over's that you add at the bottom - so true too!

  2. Thanks Kez! And I'm glad you like the into its and over it's because it's something I was unsure of doing, but I thought it was cute and interesting!