Saturday, July 26, 2014

Special Share the Love Saturdays: Favorite Youtubers!

Hey guys!
So if you were following me on twitter a couple weeks ago I posted that I was prewriting tons of posts because I am losing (or lost) my laptop already! It's school issued and since summer school is over, I no longer have it. So this was one of the many posts I prewrote! Let's get started!

Julia and Michelle from Milia808 
These two girls are both really great friends of mine (if you watched my throughout the years kindergarten, that is the very same julia) and I love their channel! It's a lot of follow me around type vlogs and a couple DIYs and they're super fun to watch! My favorite videos of theirs are their daily vlogs especially the disneyland ones!
Subscribe to their channel here! 

Christian from AmberBlueFilms
He has a good 10,000 more subscribers than I do, so actually I think he should give me the shoutout! Just kidding! But Christian is an amazing person and I have some great memories of algebra 2/trig class with him and his videos are hilarious! Some are tech based, which he is great at, others are mini videos, which are also great because he wants to have a career in film and he's very good at it. 
Check out his channel here!

Hope from BeautyandBliss67
Yes, I know I mention her in a ton of posts, but she is amazing and fabulous, so why wouldn't I? She has given me tons of pointers as a new youtuber and her videos are always so fun to watch!
Sub to her channel here!  

Me from OtherModernGirl
What's a blog post without some self promotion? I just wanted to stick my other youtube channel here at the end because I know a lot of you don't know that I have another youtube channel, and I do! I have some "throughout the years" posts, a sister tag, and daily vlogs on that channel so check it out!
Sub to me here!

So I hope you enjoyed this post! I know that all of the people listed were my friends or classmates (or me), but I really love all of their (and my) channel, and I wanted to share with you guys! If you want to be featured in one of these posts, click here and read about what you need to send me to be featured!


  1. Will have to check your friends' channels. Your sister is a cutie hehe :)

  2. You totally should! They all have amazing channels! And my sister says thanks :D