Tuesday, July 22, 2014

One Direction Makeup GIVEAWAY

Hello guys!
So I'm super excited to be hosting a giveaway for Markwins (and yes, this is a sponsored giveaway) so you guys can win one of the new One Direction makeup palettes!

Each palette includes:
- a liquilights lipgloss, which glows when exposed to a blacklight
- 4+1 eyeshadow palette (4 powders and 1 cream shade)
- lipstick
- mascara
- nail polish
- eye/body crayon (jumbo liner pencil)
- and some stencils!

The different palettes have different color schemes and are named after different albums, with the products being named after different songs!
Midnight Memories is mostly bright reds and pinks mixed with blacks. The lipgloss is a bright pink, lipstick is red, and the shadows are in the gray/black family. The nail polish in this set is a shimmery dark gray/black.
Take Me Home is the neutral palette. The eye shadows are basic nude shades, the lipgloss is a gorgeous orange glittery shade, and the lipstick is nude. The nail polish is also a gold shade. 
Up All Night has blues for the nail polish and eye shadows and baby bubblegum pink for the lip products!


If the widget isn't working, you can click here to enter! 50 palettes will be given away by the end of this! I hope you win, but if you don't, don't worry! You can buy these palettes...
at Macy's on August 11th
Stage Stores on August 25th
Dillards on August 25th
Beauty Brands on August 25th
and Lord and Taylor on August 25th
In the US. International people, don't fret! They're coming out with release dates for you soon! Follow the makeup fb page for more info!
Markwins is also sending me a palette to review and do tutorials with, so look out for those posts and videos when my palette arrives! I hope you guys enter this giveaway because it's a great opportunity to win some makeup! Let me know in the comments what product or palette your most excited for! Mines is the orange lip gloss in the Take Me Home kit because it changes color in blacklight and is a fun orange shade!
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