Friday, July 4, 2014

Cynthia Rowley 'Valentine' Creamy Lipstain Review

Hello guys!
So I received a sample of the Cynthia Rowley Creamy Lipstain in my June Birchbox and I decided to review it for you today! I got the shade "Valentine", which is described as a "punchy hot pink". 

First off let's start with the packaging! I love the black with gold foil on the cap because I think that's so cute and it's something different from most other brands. The tube itself is clear plastic, which I like because you can see the shade inside. The wand is a doe foot applicator, which I'm not particularly fond of because it's harder to be precise with your application and you can end up getting product outside the lip lines and all over the place. 

The product itself isn't very creamy. Well let me say that the product itself is a cream, but it isn't creamy. Does that even make sense? I'm not quite sure. But when you apply it, it feels like a liquid (like most stains do). It has a very water like feel when you apply it, which is great because it means that it's light feeling and comfortable, but it isn't creamy and isn't hydrating (although it isn't drying either). 

Okay so honestly, I haven't used a stain before this one. Crazy, right? Well I used what I've seen other beauty gurus do when applying stains and I tried to copy what they do. Here's the trouble.  I'm doing all this left handed because my right arm is still in a sling and the doe foot applicator is large, so it covers more surface area, but it also made it hard to do the upper lip (or that could be because I was using my left hand...). Also you have to wait for it to dry (only like a couple minutes) and you should really not press your lips together during that time. So if you're going to try use this, apply it like normal, but don't press your lips together or anything. It'll feel weird, but when it dries it feels super comfortable. 

This shade is a rosy pink with warm undertones. It's not super bright, but it has a bit of brightness to it and also a slight golden shimmer. It doesn't appear metallic on the lips, but there is a shimmer from it and it can accentuate dryness. I think this color is great for a brighter everyday lip color and it's super wearable. There's also a bright lilac shade and a more nude pink one available too I believe. 

Freshly Applied

So I tested this for wear time and I'm disappointed. About 3 hours in it started looking ratchet. It was fading in the middle, leaving lines around the edges. The top lip was fading faster than the lower lip so it looked a little wacky and it wasn't nearly as vibrant as it was when I first applied it. This was how it wore with talking and drinking, but no eating. After I ate lunch (so around 4.5 hours of wear) there was pretty much nothing left. Just a tint of color, but nothing noticeable. I'm disappointed because even after an hour of wearing it, I could see that it started fading and after 4 hours it was all gone. I've had lipsticks last longer than that!

After 4 Hours

In conclusion I think the name is misleading, but I think it's a good product. I think that this product would be good for people who want some pigment, without the feel of a heavier lipstick, but if you want staying power, moisture, bold color, or glossiness you should get something else. Also just saying... these are $20 each or 3 for $45, so there are lots of products at the drugstore that do staining or pigment or gloss better for cheaper. If you've tried this out, let me know your thoughts on it because I'm really interested to see what you think of it!


  1. That color is really pretty! :))

  2. it is! it's just a shame it doesn't wear well...