Monday, June 9, 2014

Starting a Blog! Part 2: Posting!

Hi guys! 
This is part 2 of my starting a blog and it'll be all about posting! I'll keep this intro short and sweet because I have a lot of things to write about! So here we go!

In All Your Posts Think About...
1) Originality!
This is both with voice and content! There are some bloggers who sound really professional in their posts, but I prefer to write in the same way that I speak! Also, make sure that you never, ever copy someone's content because it is the easiest way to lose readers and respect!
2) Length
I know many bloggers who swear that short is best, but I tend to write a lot in my blog posts! I think that length doesn't matter as much as just using the minimum amount of words to convey your message. Don't ramble, but don't fret if your post is a tad bit long!
3) Content
Of course this is the big one! You want to be really honest when reviewing and in my reviews I like to include dupes (when I have them), a review on the packaging, product, and overall thoughts. With tutorials I tend to go step by step, but that's not always necessary. Just do everything really thoroughly and make sure that you're proud of what you post because at the end of the day, that's all that really matters!

Some Ideas For First Posts...
1) TAGs!
I think that tags are great for a first post because they tend to get a lot of views, on my blog at least, which generates a little bit of traffic and hopefully a few subscribers! TAGs are also really easy because you just have to answer questions and are good for allowing yourself to find your voice!
2) Hauls
Hauls are another post that tends to get me a lot of traffic! I think that larger hauls or drugstore hauls tend to do better for me than smaller ones, but it really doesn't matter! This is another really great beginner post because it doesn't require too much writing and also let's you figure out your angle and voice (whether you want to write like you talk, or write like a "teacher", or write like a reporter...)
3) Inspiration!
For my inspiration posts I tend to go to pintrest and see what inspires me! I love these because they are really easy because you're not taking your own pictures and you can just say your own opinions! These are also really quick to write, so that's a plus!

About Those Pictures...
1) Use What You Got!
My camera isn't fancy at all! It's just a normal digital camera, but I found lighting that works for me and I found that it's fine for the time being. If all you have is your smartphone, use that and make it work! Of course a DSLR would be wonderful, but it's not necessary for great pictures!
2) Find Your Lighting!
Natural lighting is your best friend! With all my ootd posts I try to get outside and use a timer and a tripod or a friend to take my pics! Also, with swatches and everything you'll find that sunshine will make everything seem truer to color. I would experiment with different locations until you find what you like!
3) Background
For some product pictures I just photo the product on my tile flooring and I find that works fine. I also tend to take photos of products on my bed (so the background is my sheets). I like having a solid color background and I think that if you have a white paper, that makes a really great background too! For OOTD shots, I do it in my yard in front of a fence most times, but go for a location with lighting and minimal distractions! And for my face shots I do it in front of a bulletin board, but you can do it wherever you want to! I think that the most important thing is to keep your backgrounds simple so that your face is the focus! 

After You Post...
1) Upload Links on Social Media
After you post, I like to upload my links to all the social media (for me twitter, facebook, google+) just to make sure that people know that I've posted
2) Keep an Eye Out for Comments
Just make sure that you keep checking on your blog and look for comments! It's really important to reply to everyone who comments on your blog because comments are what keep people coming back! It also helps you build a relationship with your readers. 

So those are my tips on posting! I'll upload another post in this series in a few days all about monetizing and getting samples, so keep your eyes out for that! Also, leave your tips in the comments because I'd love to read them!


  1. Thanks for the tips!

  2. No problem! I'm glad that they helped :D