Sunday, June 29, 2014

Mini Life Update

Hey guys!
So this is going to be a different sort of post as it's going to be a mini life update. I usually keep more of my personal life on my other blog, which I'll link here, and if you follow that blog, you'll probably already know most of this stuff. I felt like I needed to write this as sort of an explanation for why I really wasn't posting at all on this blog and what's been going on. I'm going to try keep this short and sweet, so here we go!

So I'm sure the majority of you know that I had shoulder surgery on the first week of June. I'm not going to get into the actual surgery itself or what happened, but let me just tell you, pretty much everything that could go wrong before the surgery did, and everything that could go wrong after the surgery did, but the surgery itself was pretty good. I already did a post on the craziness on my other blog and I'll link it here for you. Well the anestesia made me super sick and the pain meds made me sicker because I'm naturally very sensitive to narcotics and they make me nauseous as hell, which we found out after two weeks of me vomiting my guts out. So that's why I didn't post for the first two weeks of June. Last week I started summer school and I got a laptop for the class I'm taking (on loan from my school) so I can start content creating again. 

Right now I'm not quite sure what to say because I want to create a schedule so bad, but I am pretty positive there's no way in hell I'm going to be able to stick to it because I'm so swamped with summer school and physical therapy and family stuff so I've decided to try post at least three times a week, but I ain't making no promises! I'm also going to be prewriting a lot of posts because at the end of july I lose this nice MacBook and I'm going back to posting from my phone and crappy laptop. Also, I might be getting my wisdom teeth out in August so be aware that my posting might get weird then too! Oh and also I'll do a post on my wisdom teeth consult on my other blog soon because that was quite the adventure! 

I love you guys so much and I really appreciate all of the support you've given me through this past month. Oh I didn't mention it in the post, but I am getting out of the sling on the 4th of July if all goes well, so that's pretty exciting! It's rough doing things left handed for a month... I'll see you in my next post! 

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