Saturday, May 24, 2014

Shoe Haul!

Hey guys!
I have a mini shoe haul for you guys today! I went to payless and they were having a sale, so I got these shoes for pretty cheap! I'm not quite sure how much they were individually, but together they were around $47. So here they are!

The first shoes that I got are a nice pair of everyday wedges! They aren't that tall (maybe 2.5 inches?) and they are nude with elastic straps. These are a nice pair of shoes for days when I have a fancier event, but I don't want to wear stilettos or really high shoes! 

So the next pair of shoes that I got are black heels. I call these shoes 'boot-like' because from the front they look like booties with the covered foot, but they are actually heels with a strap in the back. These shoes are around 3.5 inches tall and the heel is wooden. I love these so much and they go with literally everything!

So those were the shoes that I got from Payless! I'm usually not a huge shoe person, so this is kind of a rare occurance and splurge for me! Let me know which shoes are your favorite in the comments below!

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  1. Thanks quantum! I think Payless is very hit or miss for me too! But I love how cheap it is!