Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Orange Lips #BloggersDoItBetter

Hey guys!
This is topic 4 of the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge! The prompt for this post was "Bloggers Do Trends Better!" So I decided to focus my post on a really huge trend: bright, orange lips! 

The two orange shades that I've been loving are Mango by Jordana and Vegas Volt from MAC. 

Mango is the shade on the left and it's a really pretty tangerine orange with a gold frost to it. Vegas Volt is on the right and it's a deeper orange shade with a bit of red and pink into it. I would say that it's more orange than a typical coral, but does have some pink in it.

Mango is really easy to wear and it isn't too bright. I love the frost in it, but if you wanted to tone it down, you could apply a clear gloss (or a colored gloss) over the top to make it look less noticeable. This shade is a frost, so it'll accentuate any flakes on your lips, so make sure that they are really smooth and hydrated before applying!

Vegas Volt is a lot deeper and more red than Mango. It is an amplified finish so it is really creamy and smooth when applied. Other swatches of this shade that I've seen online make it look a lot more orange than coral, so I would swatch it in a MAC store before buying just to make sure you like it. Also, I think that this is a great orange shade for warmer complexions especially because it really brightens!

So those are my favorite orange lipsticks! I think that orange lips are going to be a huge trend this summer and these are my favorites although I know that the Maybelline Vivids line has some orange lipsticks too! Let me know what your favorite orange lipstick is and if you're loving or leaving this trend in the comments below!

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