Sunday, June 1, 2014

Color Club Aquamarine Azulino Review

Hi guys! 
I am doing a really quick review on a nail polish I got in April's birchbox. I did an unboxing post on that birchbox, which you can see here! This shade is a part of the Gala's Gems set, so you can't purchase it individually (sorry!) but in the set you get 4 minis for $13. You can click here if you want to purchase the set from birchbox!

So this shade is a light blue with a pearl in it. It is really shimmery looking in the bottle, but on the nails it's not so much shimmery as it is glowy. I love this shade, but it does have a tendency to show streaks and imperfections easily (as most pearl finishes do). The formula on this one is kind of ridiculous. Mines was a tad bit on the thicker side so I had to apply thickly or live with streak marks (which I still have). It's totally bizarre because all the other color club polishes have fabulous formulas, so this might be a fluke! Staying power is only okay because I've had it on for 4 days and I have slight chipping (which could be from the thicker layers), which is below par for me because my other color club polishes last me 7ish days without chipping! 

Overall, love the shade, hate the formula. I use hate lightly, though, because I'm thoroughly convinced that this must be a fluke because all of my other color club polishes are nothing like this! I'm going to say that the set is a really good deal, so if you like the shades, get it, just be willing to be patient when applying! If you have this or any of the other shades in the set, let me know your thoughts in the comments because I'd love to hear if any of you are having the same issues as me!

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