Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Top 5 Under $10 (#BloggersDoItBetter)

Hi lovelies! 
Today's post is really exciting because it's the second post in the Bloggers Do It Better Challenge! The topic of this post was "Bloggers Do Bargains Better", so I thought I'd do something different and show you guys my top 5 beauty products under $10! Just a heads up: I know that prices vary a lot depending on where you are and what drugstore you go to, but when I purchased these products, they were all under $10! Also, these products are in no particular order and to make it easy for you guys, click on the product name if you'd like a link to purchase and I'll link the reviews I've done of these products in their description!

1) EOS Lip Balms! 
I am a huge fan of EOS Lip Balms and have been for a very long time! I've tried most of the flavors (strawberry, mint, honeydew, and summerfruit), but my hands down favorite is the mint one! I reviewed these a while back, so if you want to read more about these products click here!

2) Wet N Wild Eyeshadow Trios
I love the wet n wild formula (as most beauty gurus do) and I think that their trios are really good! I have Don't Steal My Thunder (left) and Sweet As Candy (right) and I love the pigmentation of both of them! I have to say I use the right one more, but they're both so beautiful! I don't have reviews on these particular ones, but click here for a review on a 6 pan palette (also really good!)

3) Jordana Semi Permanent Liquid Eyeliner
LOVE THESE! They are so cheap and pigmented and wonderful! I have Endless Black (left) Timeless Green (middle) and Forever Chocolate (right) and all of them are really nice! They have a brush applicator and the black and brown are matte, but the green one has shimmer! I haven't reviewed these, but they are fantastic!

4) Maybelline Vivids
Soooooo good! It's not hard to find bold lipsticks at the drugstore, but it is hard to find a great formula! I love the vivids because they have a wide variety of shades (coral? pink? orange? red? yup!) and they are so smooth going on! I have strike a rose (right) and shocking coral (left). Just a note, they look really similar in this picture, but in reality shocking coral is lighter and more orange! I reviewed both of these, so click here for my strike a rose rose review and here for my shocking coral review!

5) Color Club Nail Polish 
All of the color club nail polishes I have are fabulous! Actually, thinking back on it, I've only had one I didn't like! But my hands down favorite shade is Editorial. It's a really gorgeous green and gold duochrome (although it looks gold in the picture). It's great for any season and is work appropriate, but still fun! Click here for a review-ish post!

So those were my top 5 under $10! Let me know what yours are in the comments below and subscribe here so you can see future #BloggersDoItBetter posts first! 


  1. love that golden polish ! :-)

    It will be nice, if you visit my blog : http://xxtln.blogspot.de


  2. I've been thinking lately that I want to get a few bright lip colors for spring/summer and I immediately thought of the Vivids by Maybelline! I'm glad you like them, I haven't tried them yet!

    Ivy xx

  3. I love them! What color were you thinking of getting?

  4. Yeah I'd love to check out your blog and I really love that polish!