Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Love Yourself The Way You Are!

Hi guys!
So I haven't done a "inner beauty" or confidence type post in a while, which is really sad because I think that it something really important for beauty and fashion bloggers to do. We live in a really "beauty" obsessed world today, and I think that some websites hurt people's self image and confidence because they only show "perfect" faces with a billion different products on and full coverage foundation and all that. I hope that you guys know that my blog isn't about that at all! I have done a lot of "me without makeup posts" because I feel like it's really important to be real and honest and show myself and my flaws because online it's really easy to "hide" imperfections by not posting them! 

Something that I truly believe in is self acceptance. For me, this means loving yourself, caring for yourself, and doing your best to maintain your health. Although self acceptance is huge, I know that there is always something that you are going to want to change. That is okay! Humans strive for "perfection", and it is perfectly fine to want to change something about yourself. I think that some changes are really good to make such as eating healthier, working out more, or losing weight if you have a few extra pounds, but cosmetic changes are a little trickier. I don't mind cosmetic surgeries I just think that people need to think about why they're doing it. Is it to gain approval from someone? Because that is not a good reason. Is it because it'll honestly make you happy? I think that's a better reason. 

It's really easy to look online or on tv and feel like crap because you don't look like that. I get it, I've been there and I think that it's something that all women deal with at one time or another. But if you start to love yourself, you will feel a billion times better, you'll look better, you'll become more confident and confidence = beauty! 

So this was such a rambly post, but it was something I really wanted to do today! Let me know in the comments how you practice self love and let me know if you want more posts like this on specific things (like confidence). 


  1. You look amazing without any makeup on, and I'm so glad you can embrace that and feel confident in your own skin! It's really hard for a lot of women. I've only just gotten to a point of accepting myself at 22, but still have to work at it! x

    Rebecca |

  2. Thanks Rebecca! And I think that embracing my skin has been easier for me than for other women because my skin has never really been super problematic, although there were times when it has gotten pretty bad. I'm so happy that you're at a place of accepting yourself because it's such a great feeling to be able to love yourself the way you are!