Sunday, April 6, 2014

Jouer Mattifying Powder Bronzer Review

Hi guys! 
So I bought the Jouer Mattifying Powder Bronzer in Sunswept from Birchbox! I thought that I'd review it for you today because I have been loving it! So let's get started!

So I love the packaging! It is so slim and streamlined, which I love! It has a huge mirror on the top and it has notches on the sides so you can build a palette with your other jouer products! The shade I got is Sunswept. It is a really warm bronzer meaning that it tends to pull a little orange. I love warm bronzers on my skintone because I have yellow undertones so I think warm bronzer look really good, but if you have pink undertones or really light skin, don't use this or test before buying because it might look muddy on you! This shade has a little bit of shimmer, but it isn't like a discoball. It really just makes you look natural and gives the skin a satin finish! 

I built up the swatch quite a bit, so it isn't this noticeable on the skin. See how the shimmer gives it a really satin finish? The formula of this bronzer is really nice because it isn't too powdery and has just a really nice smooth feel to it. It is also a little sheer, which makes it perfect for a light dusting all around the face, although you can build it up and contour with it. I just love using this bronzer because it is so natural looking on my skin and gives me a nice contour without being obvious! 

I totally recommend this if you have a similar skintone to mine, but if you are lighter than me or have really pink undertones, test it before buying because warm bronzers can look muddy on your skintones! Overall, this is probably one of my favorite bronzers and I will definitely recommend this to you guys! Let me know in the comments if you've tried this and what you think of it! 

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