Friday, April 11, 2014

Inka Green Lagoon Eyeliner Review!

Hi guys!
In last month's birchbox, I got an Inka eyeliner in 10 Green Lagoon. I've been trying it out a little bit and I feel like I am ready to review it! So let's get started!

So with the eyeliner, you get the eyeliner, a cover, and a sharpener! I love how it includes a sharpener because it is super convenient! Well Inka is really cool because it is certified organic. Organic cosmetics isn't something super important to me, but I know that it is for a lot of you guys, so I think that's really cool! The color I got is Green Lagoon. It is a light spring green color with lots of gold shimmer in it. The color isn't really dark enough to make your lashes look thicker, but it is really good for brightening! This shade does have shimmer, though, so I wouldn't recommend using it on your waterline because it might irritate your eyes. 

It is a light color, but it is also sheer so it is better for a wash of color rather than a pop of color. The liner is really creamy and lasts all day on me, so that is really great! And because it's creamy, you can build it up really easily too so you can get a more opaque color if you want. 

Overall, I would recommend the Inka eyeliners because I think the formula is fabulous, but I wouldn't recommend this shade because I don't think it's really useful. I mean it's too light to give the illusion of thick lashes, its shimmery so you can't use it on your waterline, and it is just a light color, so it doesn't look bold! If you have tried this eyeliner let me know your thoughts on it in the comments and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!


  1. I find this liner soooooo disappointing. The color totally almost disappears on your eyes. It seems like a nice formula though. I wish it had been cobalt blue or at least black!

  2. me too! I thought that it would be a bright pop, but it was really light and sheer. I do like the formula though, but I think a deeper color would have been a ton better!