Friday, April 4, 2014

I Cut My Hair!!!

Hi guys!
So I have wanted to go shorter with my hair for a while now, but because I was cheerleading year round, I couldn't (because it needed to be long enough for buns and ponytails). Last week sunday I decided to bite the bullet and just chop it! If you follow me on instagram or on twitter, you've already seen this, but I know the majority of you guys haven't seen it yet so here it is!

I went for medium length layers with the longest layers around 2 inches under my collar bone and the shortest layers right beneath my chin. My hair is naturally wavy, but it is straightened in this photo, so I'll do another post when I have my hair styled like usual. It's actually really funny, though, because I was browsing some of my favorite blogs and Rebecca from More Rebe literally just cut her hair the same as I did! I swear that short hair is going to be a thing now!

I am still trying to experiment with how often to wash and how to part my hair and style it, so I promise I'll do some posts on that when I find what I like! Let me know what you think of my haircut in the comments and don't forget to follow me on bloglovin!

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  1. thanks Rebecca! You should definitely let me know if you find out any good products or styles!