Saturday, April 26, 2014

Easy Tie-Dye Tank!

Hi guys!
So this is a really spur of the moment post and I didn't think this through, so I don't have any pictures for the steps, but I hope it's easy enough for you all to understand! Well let's start with the backstory on this DIY! My mom was cleaning the house and we had a cleaner with bleach in a spray bottle. She picked up the spray bottle from the top and it wasn't screwed on tightly enough and the bleach stained her shirt and spilled everywhere! She was about ready to throw the shirt away, but I came up with the fun idea of bleach tye dying it! 

What You'll Need:
A shirt or a tank
Bleach! (I didn't have pure bleach, so I used the same bleach cleanser that stained her shirt)
Rubber Bands
Gloves (Optional, but highly recommended) 

Step 1: Fold and Tie Your shirt!
You can find instructions on how to tie your shirts if you google it, but I did a simple circular pattern by pinching the shirt and spinning. Make sure to use rubberbands to secure the design. 

Step 2: Spray Bleach!
You can drip the bleach on, spray it, dip it, whatever! What I did was wet my shirt completely with water first, then drip some bleach on and spray it. If you're trying to blend in a stain (like me) then apply more bleach than you think you need just to make sure it camouflages the stain, but if you're just doing it for fun, that do whatever you want! Also, try to use gloves if you're dealing with really strong bleach because you don't want to injure yourself or expose your hands to harsh chemicals!

Step 3: Remove Rubber Bands and Let Sit
I cut the rubber bands off and hung up the tank over a sink just so I could see it as the bleach worked. Keep checking back on the shirt because you'll see when the fabric starts to lighten.

Step 4: Wash and Dry!
Once your shirt has reached desired lightness, rinse out the bleach as best you can with a hose or a sink. Then throw your shirt into a washing machine with soap (I ran the load with only the tank because I didn't want to accidentally bleach other things) and dry!  

This is really easy to do and although my shirt isn't really that great and you can still see that original stain pretty well, I think that it looks really cool and makes stained shirts wearable again! Let me know if you try it out in the comments!


  1. Great Post =) I have been meaning to try something like this but for a bikini cover. Thanks for these tips. Take Care

  2. thanks! and you should definitely try it out! It's so simple and fun!