Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Birchbox April 2014

Hi guys!
So this birchbox is hella late! Seriously it is the very end of April and I'm getting it, but it's because they shipped it late (btw their customer service is top notch). I am really excited about this box, so here we go!

My birchbox came with these papers in them. The first one on the right is about their new loyalty program where if you get 500 birchbox points in a year, you'll get perks in the Birchbox Aces program! The center one and the one on the left were a part of the 52 bright ideas for a rainy day set and I got #16!

Next I got a KIND Maple Pumpkin Seeds with Sea Salt Healthy Grain Bar. I am really excited about this because I am doing some more exercising and I'm a part of a program (check my other blog for a post about it) and healthy snacks are really great!

 I got the Davines Oi All in One Milk. It's supposed to be a shine, detangling, and heat protection spray so I am really excited to try it out because my hair has been a tad bit unmanageable lately!

First off, I gotta say that I love the new Color Club packaging and logo! I don't know if its for this particular one or for the whole brand, but it's so pretty looking! I got the shade Aquamarine Azulino from Gala's Gems Collection (which is a set of 4).

 I got one of the shades of the How 'Bout Them Apples Palette by theBalm. I'm not a huge fan of creamy cheek products, but I will definitely review this for you guys! I got the shade Pie and it looks really pretty and something that might look great on the lips!

Lastly, I got a perfume sample from Atelier Cologne. I know some people hate perfume samples, but I don't mind them and I think that this scent is really citrusy and might be good for summertime! Also, I love their packaging because it comes in a really cute envelope with this postcard!

So overall, I am loving this months birchbox! I am most excited for the cheek and lip tint and the nail polish, but nothing disappointed me in this box! I will review whatever you want me to, so let me know if there are any you'd like to see in the comments!


  1. I saw that other people had also gotten the cream blush from the Balm too and I thought that was such a good addition! I'd love to know how you like it, I've been wanting to try out some products from them for a while :)

    Ivy xx

  2. yes I'm totally going to review it once I try it out more! And if you want some theBalm suggestions, I love Hot Mama blush and their NudeTude eyeshadow palette :D

  3. I've been wanting the Hot Mama blush for so long! One of these days I'll get around to buying it :)

  4. It's so good! I love how its really glowy so I don't have to wear a highlighter with it! It's been my go to blush for like the past couple months!