Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February 2014 Birchbox

Hi guys!
So first off, I am so sorry for not getting this post up yesterday! I was super busy and I didn't have anything pre-written so I didn't get a chance to post something. Today's post is going to be on my February 2014 birchbox! I know it's march already and I am so behind on this, but I thought that some of you might still want to see what I got.

The first thing I got was a perfume sample of Couture La La by Juicy Couture. I haven't ever smelt this one and I am actually really happy that I got this because I really like Juicy Couture perfumes and I am interested in how this smells!

Next is a really weird product! It's from 32 and it's a breath treatment. I read some reviews and I guess it's sort of like breath freshening pop rocks. I got two packets. One in a Honey Mint flavor and another in a Peppermint flavor! 

I also got a Dr. Brandt Pores No More Primer. I am really pleased with the sample size because it's pretty big for a sample of a primer! I already tried this once and I really enjoyed it! I'll review it soon!

Next is a Ruby Wing color changing nail polish! Its a really cool concept because its supposed to change color in the sun! I know companies have been doing this for years (Del Sol anyone?), but I'm still excited to try this!  

Lastly I got a hair oil! Beauty Protector Protect and Oil. I also tried this one out already and I really like it! It's a thicker oil if that makes sense, so it doesn't feel too runny, but at the same time is really nourishing!

So that's what I got from my birchbox! Let me know what you got in your february birchbox if you subscribe, and also let me know what beauty subscription services you use (like ipsy or julep).

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