Sunday, February 9, 2014

Nail Of The Day + Mini Review: Yellow Confetti!

Hi guys!
It has been literally forever since I've done a Nail Of the Day post! But now that cheerleading is over, I get to grow out my nails and paint them! I got this nail polish as a gift for Christmas and it's from the Face Shop. This is Korean Brand, so I don't think they sell this on the continental US (just a Hawaii thing) so I'll do a very quick review! Also, I found similar polishes from the Face Shop on amazon, but not this exact shade, if you'd like to check them out! FYI the shade I have is Lemon Yogurt Candy.

 So this shade is a pastel yellow with green, gold, and copper hexagonal glitter and green fine glitter. It is more of a jelly type finish, so it's not fully opaque. I did three coats for reference in the picture. 

The glitter is distributed mostly even, but you have to tug at a few pieces to get them in the right spot. There is a lot of glitter in this! Which I love, because you don't have to go digging for the glitter! It is a tad bit streaky, but I feel like that's just the nature of this shade in general. 

I have worn it for 6 days and I have tip wear, but no major chipping, which is wonderful because I've been using my hands for a lot! Overall, if you can find The Face Shop Nail polishes, I totally recommend them!

So I found a few on amazon, like I mentioned so here they are:
Clear with white bar and hexagonal glitter and blue, yellow, and red hexagonal glitter ($1.20)
Clear with pink, red, blue, multi sized glitter (hexagonal, small, and medium sized glitter) ($1.20)

I hope you enjoyed this post, and if you want me to do more Nail of The Day posts, I'll be glad to do them! Let me know if you have a face shop near you or if you've tried their products in the comments!

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