Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Inspiration (#2014 Blogger Challenge)

Happy new year everyone!
I am so excited to do this post because it is the first of a lot of posts this year in the 2014 Blogger Challenge! This post is different from the usual New Year Resolution posts (which I'll still do on my other blog) because this post is going to be on my inspiration for the new year rather than individual goals! 

So I wrote out my inspiration on a little poster that I hung in my room! It's just a little bit of word art and it focuses on one theme: happiness! I thought it would be fun to go over the words I chose to write and why I think they connect to the central theme of happiness. 

I have a few groupings of words. 
The first group I'll go through is characteristics that I want to have!
Positivity & Optimism
I have been pretty cynical the past couple months and I think that being more positive and optimistic will help me be a happier person! As they say, happy thoughts = happy life!
I want to be smart. This just means being wise with the friends I surround myself with, the choices I make, and also generally becoming smarter. I think that every year gives me an opportunity to learn, and I want to take advantage of that! 
I have been injured for maybe the last 3-4 months with sprained fingers, back pain, and recently I dislocated my shoulder and ripped cartilage. Being healthy for me will be doing whatever I can to keep my body in the best shape so going to all my doctors appointments, physical therapy sessions, eating well, and exercising more!

The second grouping is things that I want to have. 
I want to make memories that are good enough to last a lifetime! 2014 will include the second half of my junior year and the first half of my senior year and I want to have fun and make memories while I can!
This doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love, but I just want to surround myself with good people who love me and that I love. 
This goes along with the laughter, but I want this year to be filled with FUN! 

The last group is really only one word. 
This just reminds me to live life to the fullest and make this year the best year ever!

So I hope that all of you guys liked this post and if you want to learn more about my new year resolutions or how to make 2014 the best year ever, check out my other blog!


  1. Love the idea of hanging up the poster with your inspiration on it! Great first post! :)

  2. Great idea on the poster!