Friday, January 31, 2014

Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation Review

Hey everyone! So after a little bit of a blogging break, I'm back! Today I'm reviewing the Maybelline Fit Me Liquid Foundation! I recently hauled this in a post (which you can check out here) and in the comments of that post, a few of you said that you enjoy this foundation and I totally have to agree with you!

So I got this for around $8 at my CVS, but I'm sure that you can find it for cheaper if you get it on a good sale! My shade is 120 and it's a tad bit light, but it was the only one in my shade and undertone. There was a slightly darker one, but it was too pink for me. Overall, I love their shade selection, though, because they have some yellow, pink, and neutral undertoned foundations and it comes in a wide variety of shades. It has a slightly sweet smell. Nothing that you can smell when it's on your skin and coming from my last foundation (Covergirl Natureluxe) this scent is like nothing! 

So this is my bare skin without the foundation. The light is very flattering in this photo and masks my imperfections, but if you've seen any of my me without makeup posts, you know that I have lots of redness on my cheeks and acne scarring on my cheeks and nose. 

I found the best way for me to apply this foundation is with a brush. I use a paintbrush, funny enough, but it works really well and I might do a post on how I apply my foundation! Fingers work okay, but this is a sheer to medium foundation to start, so fingers might blend it out too much and make it too sheer. You can also build up this foundation, so I do a second coat over my problem areas. 

This is the finished look! So there is still some residual redness on my cheeks and my acne scarring is still visible, but it is much improved. The best thing about this foundation, in my opinion, is the finish! It looks dewy and gorgeous and it doesn't look like you're wearing foundation at all! If you have dry-normal skin, don't set it because it'll hold up okay throughout the day, but if you have oily or combo skin, maybe set it a little with some powder. 

Overall, this is a fantastic product! I have never tried a better foundation for everyday from the drugstore and I know this will be a holy grail! It's also super affordable (no $15 foundations!) and it looks so stunning on the skin. I totally recommend this! If you've tried it, let me know your thoughts on it in the comments!

Purchase Maybelline Fit Me Foundation Here (for only $5!) 

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Natural Beauty Tutorial

Hi guys!
So I subscribe to GirlsLife Magazine and in this months one, there was an article about how to get a "natural" makeup look. I know that this is literally every other post that I do, but I thought it would be fun to try and recreate this one because it is such a staple! So here we go!

I used my Maybelline Fit Me foundation really lightly all over my face and then I used the Balm's Instain Blush in Swiss Dot. It gave a nice apricot flush to my cheeks that looks very natural. If you suffer from redness on your cheeks, I might suggest going with a peach instead because an apricot shade might accentuate you're redness.

I filled in my eyebrows lightly with a brow powder (MAC Espresso) and a angled brush (MAC 266). I primed my lids with a cream shadow in a champagne color (Maybelline Barely Branded), but a normal eye primer would work as well! I then set it lightly with a shimmery champagne powder shadow. I know that in the article it says that matte shades are more "natural" and I totally agree, but I like using shimmery colors to help brighten my eyes! It's totally up to you!

I used a deep plum liner (Sephora Nanoliner Pleasant Plum) and lightly applied some on my lips, but used my finger to blend and sheer until it was just a hint of a berry red color! I love the color the model in the picture is wearing, but I didn't have something similar. Then I applied a little bit of lip balm, which helped with the blending and made it look less dry.

So this was the article, and I think that my makeup, although not a complete replica, is very close! I would love to get a lip color that's similar to her's in the picture, though!

 So that was my tutorial! I hope you enjoyed it and if you have any suggestions for future posts, leave them in a comment below! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara Review

Hello everyone!
So I wanted to do a quick review on the covergirl flamed out mascara! I love covergirl mascaras in general and I have to say that covergirl is probably my favorite mascara brand! I got the water resistant version of this mascara and I love it! 

So this is what the wand looks like. As you can tell, it is a different shape from most wands because it's sort of hourglass shaped with it a little smaller in the middle than the ends. It has lots of natural bristles (not plastic) and I like that because it grabs each individual lash well. It is a wetter formula, but it does dry out a little once you open it and I find that's when it works the best!

In this picture I applied it to my left eye, but not the right one. As you can see, it gives a lot of length and definition, but not as much volume. This is one coat and I think that it looks really pretty. 

 So I added a second coat to both eyes and you can see it got a lot more length and volume! I would still consider this a lengthening mascara, but it does give a little bit more volume. Some of my lashes started clumping together, but I think that's just because this is a wetter and "stickier" formula. 

Overall, I think that this is a fabulous mascara and that it is worth trying out! I really like this for defining lashes and lengthening them, but not as much for volume or separation. If you've tried this, let me know what your thoughts are in the comments!

Purchase Covergirl Flamed Out Mascara Here! (only $5!)

Sunday, January 26, 2014

January 2014 Birchbox

Hi guys!
So I know this post is insanely late, but for all of my loyal readers, you know that I get my birchboxes later than everyone else because shipping to Hawaii takes FOREVER! But, better late than never! So this is what I got in my birchbox this month!

 This box was just okay for me. I liked some of the samples, but I'm not crazy about all of them. I don't even know if I'm going to do reviews on these products because it might take me a while to get to trying them! So I got a sample of the Coastal Scents Revealed Eyeshadow Palette. It is a quad and it's a nice size for a sample and I love the colors that I got. I can review this for you guys if you want, but it's not the entire palette so it might be a little weird! Let me know what you want in the comments! Then I got Fekkai Brilliant Glossing Shampoo and Conditioner. I actually might use these to keep in my locker at the gym because they are a nice size. I just have a lot of shampoos and conditioners to go through right now, but more is always nice! Harvey Prince Journey Perfume. This is a very floral scent, which I'm not the hugest fan of, but I actually do like getting perfume samples, so this was okay. And as my "extra" I got Burt's Bees Lotion. This is a nice extra, but I don't get why the sample is so small when Burt's Bees isn't the most expensive brand. I guess I just feel like this wasn't as value-packed as other birchboxes! 

So overall this box was only okay. I would have liked to see more makeup and less other stuff, but that's just my opinion! Let me know if you get birchbox and what you got in your box this month!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

My New Posting Schedule!

Hello Beautiful People!
So I'm going to preface this post with this: "I'm pretty good at sticking to schedules, but I know already that this year is going to have moments when I cannot stick to my schedule no matter how much I want to and I hope that you're okay with that!" You are? Great! So let's see... for the past couple months, I have been posting daily, which is wonderful, but really hard work! I also sort of neglected my other blog in the process! I want to switch it up this year and post on this blog on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. I think that 4X a week is great because it lets me spend more time on my content and you have a couple of days to read each post! If you're curious about my other blog, I think that I'm not going to schedule posts over there, but do it spontaneously whenever the mood strikes! I hope that you guys are okay with this because I think it'll bee good for us all!

P.S. I might post more than that if I feel like it! 

P.P.S. Don't forget to enter my MAC giveaway!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Where Have I Been?

Hi guys!
So I know that you all are used to seeing me post every singe day, but this week I haven't posted since sunday or monday and I probably won't again until Friday or Saturday. I am so sorry that I'm not sticking to my schedule, but I have been dealing with some personal stuff that, if you read my other blog, you'd know! I promise that I'll be back to posting later this week, and if you need to get your Modern Beauty Girl fix, I have a giveaway and a haul that I've posted last week!
Thanks for your understanding and patience in all this!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Maybelline Baby Lips (Strike A Rose) Review

Hi everyone!
So I got this as one of my stocking stuffers for Christmas and I wanted to review it for you today! It is a part of the new Maybelline Baby Lips Electric collection, which includes lots of fun, bright colors! The one I have is Strike A Rose. 

First off, I love the packaging! The bright letters and the black tube looks very electric and neon and fun! The actual color is fantastic too! It actually has pretty good pigmentation on the lips for being a lip balm. I am not the hugest fan of the baby lips formula because it tends to be very emollient and slippery, and this does lead to a decrease in wear time because with even minimal talking and drinking it will wipe off and don't even think about eating without reapplying it! This lip balm isn't very hydrating on my lips either! I know a lot of people love it and swear by it, but I don't think it hydrates very well. Another thing that bothers me is that it doesn't have SPF. I know the original Baby Lips used to have SPF 15 or something, but this one doesn't seem to have it at all. The color is a very yellow toned bright neon pink. It ends up looking very vibrant on my lips, but depending on your natural lip color, it will end up looking more muted. 

Overall, I think that if you are looking for just a fun product and if the baby lips formula works on you. I think that this color is beautiful and I am going to continue to wear this color, but probably more as a layering product over a nude lip liner to get a brighter color. If you are looking for a more long wearing, opaque, or even hydrating lip balm, you shouldn't get this. For $3 it's actually not that bad and although I wouldn't recommend it, I would still purchase it again (because I love this color!) Let me know if you have this product and your thoughts on it in the comments!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

6th Liebster Award!

Hi guys!
I was nominated for another liebster award by Rebecca from MoreRebe. I absolutely love her blog and it is one of my favorites to read and you should all check it out! So Rebecca has made up 10 questions that I need to answer!

1) Why did you begin your blog? And how has your experience been so far?
I began my blog because I started getting really into makeup, but my friends and mom aren't really into makeup and I needed an outlet for my obsession! And my experience has been absolutely amazing! I have made so many great blogger friends and I have loved seeing my blog grow in content and viewers and all that.
2) What kind of content do you most enjoy on other blogs?
I love hauls! And I also love when really amazing makeup artists do very intricate and dramatic colorful eye makeup. Like the costume or editorial makeup!
3) How would you describe your personal style?
Comfortable and casual! I won't wear something if it isn't comfortable!
4) What is your holy grail beauty product?
I absolutely love the target brand creamy face cleanser. It is so fabulous and I love it!
5) What are some of your favorite songs at the moment?
Little Talks - Of Monsters and Men
Stop and Stare - One Republic
Let Her Go - Passenger
6) What is one New Year's Resolution you haven't broken?
I'm going to assume this is for 2013 so I guess a resolution that I kept in 2013 was that I got my driver's permit before the year ended!
7) Favorite book?
It really depends! I love the hunger games, twilight (all but the second book), and the Great Gatsby. 
8) What's one thing you're looking forward to in 2014?
I have a school dance in march, which I'm really excited for and I'm also very excited to get my Driver's License in June!
9) What are 3 things you always carry in your makeup bag?
Q-tips, pencil liner (usually black, navy, or brown), and lip balm!
10) What is the best concert you have ever been to, and what made it stand out?
I can't really answer it because I've never been to a concert before!

So thank you Rebecca for tagging me! I absolutely loved answering these questions! I'm not going to tag anyone because I've tagged people in my other Liebster Award posts, but I would love for you guys to answer these questions if you'd like!

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Our 1 Year Anniversary!

So yes, it is my 1 year anniversary for this blog! I am so happy and I can't believe how much my blog has grown! It is really amazing to me that I gained 108 followers (on bloglovin alone!) in a year and I am so insanely grateful for all of you guys no matter if you read my blog regularly, or if you're a first time reader! I can't wait to bring you guys more reviews, tutorials, outfits, and to help expand my blog even more! I can't even express how much I love each and every one of you and how appreciative I am for your support!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Moisturize Your Skincare Routine! (#2014 Blogger Challenge)

Hey guys!
So for topic 2, we're supposed to write a post on our winter skincare, so instead of doing a skincare routine, I'm going to do a skincare swap! This is going to be on the products that I use now, that I've "swapped" since summer and fall. 

Swap 1: Shower Gel for Moisturizing Shower Gel
This is an easy swap because lots of shower gels already have shea butter or something moisturizing in it, but if yours doesn't, then swap it for one that does! I find that it helps to keep your skin smooth instead of sucking the moisture out of it! My favorites come from Bath and Body Works (my favorite scents are Winter Candy Apple, Vanilla Bean Noel, and Sweet Pea)

Swap 2: Body Lotion for Body Butter
I find that because I have dryer skin, body lotion just doesn't cut it sometimes! I like to swap it for a body butter because it is more moisturizing and it sinks in deeper! Lots of places sell body butters, but my favorite comes from the Body Shop! All of their scents are amazing, but my personal favorites are Papaya, Strawberry, and Almond. 

Swap 3: Liquid Hand Sanitizer for Antibacterial Mousse
Normal liquid hand sanitizer contains alcohol. Alcohol is great for killing germs, but if you use it too frequently, it'll dry out your hands! You can use a hand cream after using liquid hand sanitizer, or you can use a 2 in 1 product like this one! It comes out a mousse and is super moisturizing, but it's also antibacterial! You can get these at Bath and Body Works and my favorite scents are Iced Ginger Bread or Twisted Peppermint.

Swap 4: Liquid Face Soap for Cream Cleanser

Liquid face soap is very good at leaving my skin feeling clean, but it sometimes makes it feel tight and dried out afterwards! I swap it for a cleansing cream instead because its more moisturizing and leaves my skin clean without dry! This one comes from target and is my personal favorite!

So that's how I make my skin more moisturizing! I hope you liked this post and if you are going to use some of these tips, let me know in the comments! Also, enter my 100 Subscriber Giveaway here!

Monday, January 13, 2014

Hair Inspiration

Hey everyone!
So I have a really fun post today! It is a Hair Inspiration post! I do these posts every once in a while and if you're new to this blog, it's pretty much when I go on pintrest and find fun pictures to put in a post! So here we go!

So something that I really want to start doing is braiding my hair! I hate having hair in my face during class when I'm taking tests and stuff, so I usually throw it into a bun or a ponytail, but I think that if I could do a cool braid like this one, it would look so much better!

I am also very in love with red hair! I really want to dye mine, but I can't bring myself to do it because I am very afraid of the upkeep because if you don't know, red fades very quickly due to the large particle sides. If I could dye my hair, I would want it like the color in this picture or even the slightest bit darker. 

I also want to start doing messier updos! They look really cool and casual, but I have to find a way to do it that looks thrown together instead of gross and weird because I have a lot of baby hairs that look kind of weird when I try to do messy buns. I will do a post if or when I find a way to do it!

So that's my hair inspiration! Don't forget to follow this blog if you like these posts and leave a comment letting me know what your hair inspiration is!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

CVS Haul!

Hey guys!
It has been forever since I've done a haul! So I have one for you guys today! I will be reviewing everything that I got eventually so be on the look out for that! Let's get started...

So I got the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation. I heard great things about the finish of this product and the review that Wayne Goss did on this foundation made it sound fantastic! I have already tried this a couple times already and I really like it!

Wet 'N Wild Don't Steal My Thunder Trio! This is another product I heard great reviews about! I saw Emily from BeautyBroadcast rave about this, so I bought it! It has a white satin/shimmer, a deep gray shimmer, and a silver shimmer and although I haven't tried it out yet, I am very excited to test it!

Lastly, I got 2 favorites! I got my favorite black liquid liner! The Jordana Semi Permanent liquid liner! I also got a brown one because I've been experimenting with softer and less intense makeup and I wanted to use more brown liner because it's less harsh! 

So that's what I got! If you've tried any of these products, let me know what you thought of them and if you have any holy grail drugstore products, let me know what they are because I'd love to buy some of them! Also, don't forget to follow this blog!

Saturday, January 11, 2014

2014 Makeup Inspiration!

I know that my last makeup inspiration post wasn't too long ago, but I really wanted to do another one for 2014! I have a few beauty and fashion resolutions that I made for myself and I might do a post on that soon, and I wanted to put a couple of pictures to inspire you guys as well as myself to make some changes in our daily routines! So let's get started!

So this first picture is mostly inspiration for me! I still honestly haven't mastered the cat eye look and actually I can't even do a decent winged liner! I really want to try and learn and make an effort to practice it more often because I think that winged liner looks really good on me because it gives me some lift to my asian eyes!

This next picture is for everyone! I think that it is easy to get into a little bit of a rut with nail polish! I know that mostly everyone switches up the color, but I think that something that we should all try in 2014 is to try and add nail art! I have gotten my mom to try the "accent nail" trend and she loves it, and I think that accent nails are really great for older women, who can't necessarily pull off bright polka dots or anything like that. 

This last one is another inspiration for all of us! I think that a smokey eye is such a staple! Whether it is brown, black, gray, taupe, or even a pretty color, smokey eyes are popular for a reason and look so incredibly stunning when done right! I want to challenge all of you to try learn a smokey eye, or if you already know how, then wear them more often!

So that was my makeup inspiration, I'll be doing a fashion and hair inspiration on this blog in the coming days and on my other blog, I'll be doing fitness and diet inspiration, so check that out if you're interested!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Sephora Mini Glitter Liner Set Review!

Hi guys!
So I got this as a present from my secret santa this year and I am absolutely loving it! I love glitter liners and I love the colors in this set so I thought I'd review it! I'll do some tutorials with these liners soon so be on the lookout for that! 

So first off the sizes. They are the size of a trial mascara or something like that. They are good because I know that I'll never get through a full sized glitter liner and these are the perfect size! This set is $16, so each mini liner is a little over $3. I think that this is a great value!

Next, the colors. I love the color selection! You get gold and silver, which I think are must haves for anyone that likes glitter liner! Then there is another one that is a black base with silver glitter, one with a blue base and purple, blue, and green glitter, and a green base with green glitter. The gold (VIP gold), silver (Sassy silver), Blue (midnight navy), and black with silver glitter (Bewitched black) are all sold individually, but the emerald one is an exclusive to this set. 

So the pigmentation. The glitter is very nicely dispersed and suspended in the liner and you can get full opacity in one or two swipes. The pigmentation of the base in the green, blue, and black isn't that great, but if you layer it over a liquid or pencil liner, it won't be a problem. 

Overall, I really enjoy this set and I totally recommend it! I think that it is great value for the price and the selection of color is amazing for all you glitter lovers like me! If you have this set, let me know what you think of it in the comments and follow this blog for more reviews!

Monday, January 6, 2014

My 5th Liebster Award Nomination!

Hey everyone!
I was just nominated by Alice from Ocean Lights for a Liebster Award! I absolutely love her blog and I think that all of you guys should check it out! So this blog has three rules. Nominate 11 people (which I won't do because I've nominated everyone I wanted to before!), share 11 facts about yourself, and answer 11 questions that the nominator wrote! So this may be a long post, so let's get started!

11 Facts about me!
1) I get hooked on television shows and watch them non stop until I'm caught up!
2) I just got my drivers permit today
3) I have two siblings
4) I don't have any pets
5) But I have had a rabbit in the past and I'd like to get another one!
6) I used to play the cello, but quit
7) I was a dancer for a long time
8) but I quit for cheerleading
9) I have been a base, flyer, and back in cheer
10) But my favorite position is flyer or base
11) I am a junior in high school

Alice's Questions
1) Favorite makeup look?
On me, it is a red lip and a deep neutral eye, but on others it is a black smokey eye.
2) What is nearest to you?
A blanket
3) What was your weirdest dream about?
Getting chased by a heard of giraffes
4) In the morning, do you do hair or makeup first?
I do my makeup first!
5) What is your favorite hair style?
A loose, messy, low bun or a high top knot
6) Favorite makeup brand?
It differs because I like different brands for different products, but my overall favorite is MAC because they have amazing color selection!
7) What 3 things do you always have?
Band-aids, phone, and a hair tie
8) Favorite song at the moment?
Show me what your looking for - Carolina Liar
What you wanted - One Republic
9) If you had to sum up your style in 3 words, what would they be?
Casual, Comfortable, Fun
10) What was the last concert you went to?
I honestly can't remember! I guess it must have been a long time ago!
11) Do you have a favorite comedian? Who?
I love comedians, but there isn't a favorite person that I have in mind! 

So thank you Alice for nominating me, because I loved doing this post, and it meant a lot to be nominated again! Don't forget to follow this blog for more posts and leave some suggestions below for future posts!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas Day Outfit of the Day!

So this is the last of my Christmas themed posts, but that's okay! We'll just have to wait until next December! So this post is probably my favorite... it's my Christmas outfit of the day! I loved this outfit so much and I had a little bit of a
photoshoot with the timer on my camera! Let's get started!

 Top: It is a black sweater from H&M. It is really long and I could technically wear it as a dress. The neckline is kind of big so I wore it as an off the shoulder, but it could also be a scoop neck or a boatneck!

Bottoms: Yes, I am wearing bottoms! I am just wearing a pair of denim shorts, but you can't tell from these pictures!

Bling: I am wearing some silver earrings (that you can't see at all in these pictures!) I think they are from Macy's, but they were a Christmas present! The necklace was another Christmas present! It is a silver infinity sign with small diamonds! 

So that was my outfit of the day! I hope that you guys liked this post and if you have any suggestions for future posts, leave them below! Also, follow this blog for more posts!

Friday, January 3, 2014

Red and Black Ombre Nails!

So this post might be a little weird, but it's my first nail tutorial! I am super excited to share this with you guys because I love these nails so much and I wore them for Christmas! The steps might be a little weird because I don't know exactly how much info to put or how to word things, but I promise it'll get better with time! Let's get started!

So first you will need a red polish and a gray/black polish. I used a shimmery red and a cream gray, but you can mix up the finishes and do whatever you'd like! I also used a sparkle top coat, which is totally optional! You also need a sponge tip applicator (like the ones for eyeshadow!)

1) Apply the gray polish on the nail
This is easy, right! But you want this to be really nice and opaque (especially near the bottom) so you can do a couple coats if necessary! Let the polish dry!
2) Brush the red polish on the sponge tip applicator and stamp the polish on
Don't overload the sponge tip applicator at first because you want to do this very lightly. I start at the top of the nail and slowly work down leaving 1/4 of the nail  polish free at the bottom. You can be imperfect (and I think that imperfection looks best!) Let the polish dry!
3) Repeat!
Do step 2 again, but go from the top of the nail 1/2 way down instead of 3/4 way to start creating the ombre effect. Once again, let the polish dry!
4) Repeat again!
Do step 3 again, but go from the top of the nail 1/4 of the way down. Feel free to pack it on because you want the top of the nail to be pretty much 100% red!
5) Top coat!
I used a sparkle top coat, but if you don't want to do that, you could go for a normal clear coat or even a matte coat! I think that this would look really cool matte and I might try that soon!

So how was that for my first nail tutorial? If you have any suggestions on how to improve it, let me know! And next time I think I'll try take pictures of the actual steps, but this post was sort of an after thought and I didn't plan on doing a post on it! Also, follow this blog for more beauty posts!

Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Year Inspiration (#2014 Blogger Challenge)

Happy new year everyone!
I am so excited to do this post because it is the first of a lot of posts this year in the 2014 Blogger Challenge! This post is different from the usual New Year Resolution posts (which I'll still do on my other blog) because this post is going to be on my inspiration for the new year rather than individual goals! 

So I wrote out my inspiration on a little poster that I hung in my room! It's just a little bit of word art and it focuses on one theme: happiness! I thought it would be fun to go over the words I chose to write and why I think they connect to the central theme of happiness. 

I have a few groupings of words. 
The first group I'll go through is characteristics that I want to have!
Positivity & Optimism
I have been pretty cynical the past couple months and I think that being more positive and optimistic will help me be a happier person! As they say, happy thoughts = happy life!
I want to be smart. This just means being wise with the friends I surround myself with, the choices I make, and also generally becoming smarter. I think that every year gives me an opportunity to learn, and I want to take advantage of that! 
I have been injured for maybe the last 3-4 months with sprained fingers, back pain, and recently I dislocated my shoulder and ripped cartilage. Being healthy for me will be doing whatever I can to keep my body in the best shape so going to all my doctors appointments, physical therapy sessions, eating well, and exercising more!

The second grouping is things that I want to have. 
I want to make memories that are good enough to last a lifetime! 2014 will include the second half of my junior year and the first half of my senior year and I want to have fun and make memories while I can!
This doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love, but I just want to surround myself with good people who love me and that I love. 
This goes along with the laughter, but I want this year to be filled with FUN! 

The last group is really only one word. 
This just reminds me to live life to the fullest and make this year the best year ever!

So I hope that all of you guys liked this post and if you want to learn more about my new year resolutions or how to make 2014 the best year ever, check out my other blog!