Sunday, December 29, 2013

Christmas Eve Outfit

So it is currently the 26th and I am going through Christmas withdrawal! I am really missing Christmas and I thought that it would be fun to share my Christmas day and eve makeup and outfits and nails and all that fun stuff with you guys in the next maybe 5 posts! So this post will be on my Christmas eve outfit, but other posts will go up soon! So here we go!

So to be honest, I was literally running out the door when I took these pictures so they are terrible! Haha the lighting is awful because of the window behind me and my room is a total mess, but oh well!

The tank that I'm wearing is from American Eagle. It is a flowy tank and is the "boyfriend style". I love this because it is red, but it also has a metallic thread weaved into it, so it looks so gorgeous when the light hits it! It totally looks better in person than in this picture! 

My shorts are from Old Navy and they are just typical denim shorts that I cuffed a couple times. 

I am actually wearing an accessory in this picture! Halleluia! Haha, but I am wearing a jewelmint bracelet. It is the "bird cage" bangle and is a nice square, chunky statement piece! 

I am barefoot in this picture, but I just wore some basic black flip flops because it was a casual party and unlike in this picture, I wore my hair down instead of a gross ponytail! 

So that was my Christmas Eve outfit! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and follow this blog for more Christmasy posts in the next few days!

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