Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 9: Thankful For Blogger Friends TAG!

Hey everyone!
Natalie from YoursTrulyNY tagged me to do this tag, so a big shout out and thank you to her! I was also tagged by Caroline from CaliJae to do this too! I'm so excited to do this tag because I have made a lot of great blogging friends, which is something I didn't expect when I first started! So let's get into the tag!

1) How long have you been blogging?
This is currently my 12th month! I started in January 2013! 
2) Any bloggers that encouraged you when you started?
I don't remember any specific people encouraging me, but I became really close with Ivy from Style Life Lovely, Cali from Cali Jae, and a lot of other people around a couple months into blogging. I'm sure there are a lot of other wonderful bloggers that I can't remember off the top of my head!
3) What social media has helped you the most? Any that you don't use?
Twitter and google+! I use twitter the most often and I think that it probably hands down has helped with traffic the most. I had a facebook and a pinterest, but I got rid of it because it really didn't help that much. 
4) How often do you post? Do you have a schedule?
I post daily on this blog! 
5) Where do you blog? 
Usually on my bed or couch in my room, but recently I've been blogging in my living room near the christmas tree!
6) What camera and photo editing do you use?
I use a Sony Cybershot! Lol super professional :P and for photo editing, I usually use iphoto or ribbet. 
7) How did you come up with your blog name?
I actually have no clue! I was just brainstorming and it came to me!
8) Do you have any regular "series"?
Yes! I have my share the love saturdays series and I recently started my countdown to christmas series too!
9) What draws you to a blog?

The pictures! Good pictures really help! 
10) What turns you off a blog?
The voice! I hate when bloggers write like they're better than the readers or like they know it all! It is my biggest turn off. 
11) How many blogs are you subscribed to? Are they all beauty related?
51! They are mostly fashion and beauty, but I have a few health and fitness in there too!
12) When do you read blogs?
At school during breaks, in the morning, and before bed! But really, I'll read it all the time!
13) What's your favorite type of post?
I love reviews! That is probably why Temptalia is my all time favorite beauty blog! But crazy tutorials come in a close second!
14) What's your least favorite type of post?
Skincare. I am just not that big into skincare (even if I should be!) So those don't interest me!

There is a personal section to this tag, but I'll do that on my other blog soon so this post isn't hella long (even though it kinda already is). *Update: I posted it on my other blog and I'll link it hereSo I'll probably tweet you guys if I decide to tag people (haha I'm so lazy today!) but if not, then I'll just tag everyone to do this because it is a great tag and I'd love to read your answers! So don't forget to subscribe and come back tomorrow for a new post!

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