Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Countdown Day 11: Pop of Color on the Lid!

Hey guys!
So I was doing my makeup for a basketball game that I'm cheering at and instead of doing the usual smokey eye, neutral eye, or even pop of color on the lower lashes, I decided to play around and I used a pop of color on the actual lid! It's really cool because when you're eyes are open, it is just barely visible, but if you look down or blink, it is really bright and vibrant! So I'll teach you how to get it now!

1) Prime! 
I used a primer all over my eye and then to get a really bright and vibrant blue color, I used a navy liner as a base all over the lid. If you're using a different shade for the "pop", use a colored liner or even a white base in place of the navy liner. 
2) Add the POP!
Take a powder shadow thats bright, and pat it over your base and all over the lid. I layered this a few times to get a really vivid color, but you can totally just do a sheer layer. Try to stay really careful with this and don't blend it at all! Just keep it to the lid. 
3) Blending it out
Take a matte light/medium brown shade and apply it in and above the crease to help blend out the pop of color ever so slightly. Also, take a matte cream shade and put it under the browbone. 

4) Deepen it up! (if wanted)
I wanted to deepen it up, so I took a deeper matte brown shade and applied that to the outer V just to deepen it up a little bit!
5) Add mascara
This is self explanatory!

So that's it! Its really easy and its very fun! I think that it would be cool if you do a really vibrant gold as the pop for a more neutral version of this! Let me know if you decide to do this in the comments below and don't forget to follow this blog!


  1. Maybe you should try adding the black more upper on the lid so you can see it more! I know working with Asian eyelids are very hard!

    Cathy from hello, cathy

  2. i love how subtle the shadow looks when your eyes are open, but the pop of colour is a nice change from a typical smokey eye! x

  3. thanks Rebecca! I thought it was a nice change from a typical look too!