Monday, November 4, 2013

"Why Do You Wear Makeup?" TAG

Hi guys!
I'm doing the "Why do you wear makeup?" tag today! I was tagged by the lovely Natalie Yee and if you'd like to see her answers to this tag, I'll link her post here! So let's get started!

When did you begin loving makeup?
Probably when I was around 7 or 8. I was in the Nutcracker every christmas because I was in ballet class and our instructor used to make us wear bright red lipstick and blue eyeshadow. A ghastly combination in hindsight, but I thought it was the prettiest thing and I loved dress rehearsals and performances when I could wear this makeup! My mom would do my makeup and I remember being so excited and squirming in my seat the whole time, excited to look in the mirror! I began loving to apply makeup on myself and experimenting with different types of makeup looks maybe a year and a half ago when I started watching youtube tutorials and beauty bloggers! 

How do you feel without makeup?
It honestly depends on the days. Some days, I feel absolutely terrible without makeup because I break out really bad at certain times of the months, and if you've seen my "me without makeup" post, you know that my skin gets pretty bad, but I never feel like I have to wear makeup and I get that acne happens to everyone and I'll still go makeup free to school at least once a week! Other days, I'll feel absolutely great about my skin and I'd love to go makeup free and show it off, but these days are few and far between. But I think that having acne makes me grateful for the days when I feel confident in my own skin. 

What do you like about makeup?
I like its ability to change your confidence level and transform you. I think that the teenage years are some of the most nerve wracking and insecure years in people's lifetimes. I love makeup because it lets you cover your insecurities, flaunt your favorite features, and boost your confidence level. I love that makeup gives people a way to feel better about themselves and for me, I love that makeup is a creative outlet. I am not an artist in any way, and I used to be a musician, but quit, and I love that transforming people's faces is therapeutic and is a great outlet for me!

Three holy grail products?
OCC NSFW Lip Tar (a bright red) for when you feel sexy and confident and want people to know it

Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer for when you haven't slept and feel like a zombie, or when you break out and need a fix

MAC espresso eyeshadow for deepening up a eye look, doing a smokey eye, or filling in sparse brows!

Also, I've reviewed all three of those products so if you'd like to read those reviews, I'll leave them here. 
NSFW Review
Concealer Review
Espresso Review

So that was my "why do you wear makeup" tag! I tag everyone to do it because I think everyone should do it because we all have different reasons why we wear makeup and I love hearing everyone's stories! Don't forget to follow this blog for more tags and leave a comment below with your answers to these questions!

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