Friday, November 15, 2013

Warm and Cozy Outfit of the Day!

Hey everyone!
I was taking a new profile picture for facebook weirdly enough when I was wearing this outfit, and since I found a good picture of myself, I thought why not reuse that picture in an OOTD post! So here it is! LOL

So my sweater is from H&M. It is white with purple, pink, and orange "speckles" in it. If you ever go to H&M you know what I'm talking about because they do this "speckled" effect with a lot of their fabric! It also has an open back, which obviously you can't see in this picture, but its there! 

And awkward you can't see that I'm wearing pants, but I am wearing a pair of jean shorts because although its becoming "winter weather" in Hawaii, its only like 68° at the lowest. 

So that was my real quick outfit of the day! Let me know what you think of it in the comments and don't forget to follow this blog! I'll do a giveaway once I reach 100 followers!


  1. that outfit does look very comfy! the "winter" weather is the same in southern california too:) although I love cold weather, I do prefer wearing skirts and dresses over pants lol

  2. me too! I really like how the "cold" we experience still lets us wear dresses and jeans!