Sunday, November 24, 2013

Sephora Pleasant Plum Nano Liner Review

 Hey everyone!
It's almost turkey day! Whoo hooo! So because it is almost the end of fall, I wanted to review this shade, which I think is the perfect shade for the start of winter! It is a gorgeous plum lip liner from Sephora and if it looks familiar, it's because I hauled it recently! If you want to see that Sephora haul, click here

So there are tons of different shades of Sephora nano lip liners and because they are "nano" they are smaller than the average lip liner. I think that this is good for bolder colors because let's be honest, who actually uses up a normal sized orange or purple lip liner? I don't! But for a size comparison, I photographed it next to my iphone (but keep in mind the phone case makes the phone a little larger than usual). It is around half the size of a normal lip liner. These retail for $5, which I think is a tad bit expensive for what you get, but then again these are "sephora" so they're a little bit of a mid to higher end brand. If you're not willing to spend this much on a lip liner, check out the Jordana Easy liner because they are very good and are like $2 each! 

Formulation wise this is pretty average. It is creamy and spreads easily, which is great because theres nothing worse than a dry lip liner, but with that being said, it still applies a little patchy. I noticed that some areas of my lips would have a little more of the lip liner pigment than other areas and it looked pretty strange. If you're going to use this as a layering product with a gloss or lipstick over it, it won't be as big of a problem as if you just use it by itself. The staying power is great lasting 6 hours with eating, drinking, and talking and it leaves a slight stain after removal. 

One of the major complaints that I've heard of is that it doesn't fit into some sharpeners. I have 2 different sharpeners and it fits into one, but not the other so just keep that in mind when purchasing. 

Overall, I think that this is a good product if you are looking for a layering lip liner. If you want a good stand alone lip liner, I think that you can get better bang for your buck at the drugstore (Jordana Easyliner!) because this one does need a little bit of patience! Let me know in the comments if you get this liner and also let me know if you like to wear lipliner alone or with something over it! Don't forget to follow me too! I'll do a giveaway once I reach 100 followers!


  1. Thanks for this review Sisi! It is very helpful as always!! <3

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  2. Such a beautiful color! And it looks amazing on you!

  3. Plum is so perfect for winter, you look so pretty!

  4. thanks so much Taylor!