Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Physicians Formula Correcting Powder Review

 Hey everyone!
I mentioned in a post a while ago that I finally hit pan on my Physicians Formula correcting powder, and I got bombarded with questions asking whether I'm going to repurchase it, if I recommend it, and basically asking me to review it! So I am! 

So lets start! This powder comes with the pan of powder (obviously) but under that, it has a little compartment with a small mirror and a brush. I don't particularly love the brush, but I think that its nice for when you're on the road and don't want to bring another brush! 

From left to right: All Swirled together, Pink, Yellow, Green, Nude
I love how they have different shades. Honestly, I wasn't really paying 
attention when I was purchasing this so I got the shade Creamy Natural, which I don't think is the "best" shade for me, but it works! There is a limited shade selection so that can also be a con. The idea behind this powder is that you can color correct! It's all about the color theory, which is basically that yellow counteracts blue under eye circles, pink brightens, and green counteracts redness. The only downside to this is that they all look the same! I swatched these colors for you guys and as you can see, they all look the same and they all look white! I think that this lack of pigmentation kind of makes this product useless if you are purchasing it for the color correcting ability. FAIL! If you are wondering about the product itself, the powder is very good because it is finely milled and very soft. It is easy to over apply though because a lot of powder can be kicked up with a brush! The price is another factor because physicians formula is a pricier drugstore brand. I think this powder can retail up to $15! 

Overall, if you want a nice soft powder, then this could work for you, but to be completely honest, I think there are better powders on the market for cheaper! If you want to have color correcting, I would go for a color correcting concealer instead! I know that maybelline makes a green concealer that is amazing! So buy this at your own risk, and know that this product is just a little gimmicky! 

So those were my thoughts on the Physicians Formula Correcting Powder! Let me know what you think of this product if you've tried it in the comments and don't forget to follow this blog!


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