Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas

Hey everyone!
I'm one of those people who try to get their christmas shopping done early! I hate going shopping in December because I find that everything is so stressful and it taints the holiday spirit for me! So I wanted to do a post on some gift ideas that I have already purchased for my friends. I don't really know whos getting what yet, but I just collect lots of small things to give to my friends because I don't have a lot of money to spend on all of them. 

So the first is some bath and body works products. I wouldn't recommend giving this to people like friends because it can look a little weird and unpersonal. I am actually thinking about giving the shower gels or lotion to one of my friends who actually loves bath and body works and is really hard to shop for and the hand soap to my grandmother. I would just be careful with bath and bodyworks soaps and things because if you just get random scents, the recipient might not like that scent or think that it was a last minute gift or something like that. So when I give soaps like this, I try to pair it with a lipgloss or something so it looks like I spent some time and effort on it.  

 So I have a set from Sephora that has a mascara, lipgloss, and eyeliner. I might split up the set and give different people different things or keep it together. I think that sets that contain basics like mascara and liner are great because everyone uses it and you don't need to worry that they won't use it. Next I have a mini candle. This is in the limited edition summer scent and I bought it with a specific friend in mind. I also have a roller ball of a perfume. Same warning as with the soaps above, just make sure that your friend will like the scent you give her!

This is a set of post it notes from Disney. They are different food shapes and so cute! If you work in an office and want to give something small to all your co-workers, this would be a great idea because everyone uses post it notes. Also, if you are a student like myself, you can give it to your friends with something small like a lipgloss or nail polish to beef up a present cheaply!

Lastly I have some mini shampoos and lotions that I was going to give my friends with this manicure set. I love mini sets like these because you can get them literally everywhere. You can see that I got mine from H&M, but you can get them from Forever 21, Walmart, sometimes even your local drugstore! 

I'll do more gift idea posts in the month and a half leading up to christmas so if you want to see more of these, follow this blog! 
Love you all!

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