Wednesday, November 20, 2013

American Eagle Haul

Hey everyone!
I have another haul for you guys! Instead of a beauty haul, like I normally do, I have a clothing haul! I bought a few things from American Eagle the other day and I also bought a few underwear items from Aerie. I am going to do a separate haul on my Aerie products so be on the look out for that! I only bought 5 items, so this will be a very quick post! So lets get started!

So this is a lace top in the front and a normal top in the back. It is slightly cropped and loose. It's really pretty and although I really want to keep this top for myself, I think I'll control myself and gift it to a friend for christmas! This is on sale for $10 right now and if you want to get it, I'll leave the link here! 

So this is a white peplum tank! It has a little bit of a crochet pattern on the front and the back is a "Y" back. This is peplum so it'll flare out a little bit at the waist. I'm giving this to my friend for her birthday and I think if you are going to shop for someone else, this is a safe choice because it is so universal!This is also on sale online for $10 and I'll leave the link for this here for you! 

I got 2 of the Boyfriend Swing Tank. I love these tanks because they are a little fitted at the top near the bust, but get looser towards the bottom. They are also a longer style of tank top so they cover the butt area so I can wear leggings with them! These are also so shimmery and gorgeous, which I didn't know when purchasing them, and I think they are so gorgeous! I got the Square Root shade (red) and Dust (a nude/gray). If you are only going to get one, I'd say get dust because it is way more wearable although square root is more festive! These are only $8 each and I'll link them here! 

This is called a Hi-Lo Cropped tank although it really isn't "hi lo". It is a gorgeous cropped tank with a american flag heart and it looks like something you'd buy from Brandy Melville or something for $20! But guess how much I payed for it! $8!!! I'll also link this for you guys here! 

So that was my american eagle haul! Let me know what you think of these items and if you want a post on how I style the boyfriend tanks because thats the only clothing items in this haul that I'm keeping for myself! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more posts!


  1. The second shirt is my favorite and thanks for adding the link :) I added it to my wish list!
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  2. you should totally get it! It looks so good in person! and no problem! I know how hard it is to find items when the link isn't there!