Monday, November 25, 2013

Amazing Hair Secret!

Hey everyone!
So I have an amazing hair secret to share with you guys today! It has completely transformed my hair and I swear by this! 

So first I'll start off with my type of hair. It is coarse, thick, and dry. I have a lot of hair too! So usually when I conditioned my hair after shampooing it would feel good that day, but the next day it would weigh down my hair and make it feel almost greasy to the touch. I would try conditioning every other shampoo and it helped, but it still was sort of greasy and my hair wouldn't hold a curl for the life of me! So I started researching what to do! 

So thats how I found this secret! I read that the Victoria's Secret Angels condition, then shampoo. This was so their hair was soft and moisturized, but not greasy or oily! I tried this and it actually really works! What I do is apply a thick conditioner (Herbal Essences Honey I'm Strong) and leave it in for like 5 minutes while I wash my face and body and then take a shampoo and shampoo the conditioner out! It works amazingly and my hair is probably the healthiest its been in a while!

Let me know if you try this secret and if it works for you! Also, don't forget to follow this blog for more secrets and tips!


  1. Great idea! I've never heard of that before!

    Ivy xx

  2. great tip ! would you like to follow each other :) xx