Saturday, November 9, 2013

4th Liebster Award Nomination!

Hey everyone!
So I know that I've done three of these ones before (I'll link them here and here and here), but the lovely Brittnee from A Beauty Product A Day nominated me for another one! So I'll try to make this post as short as possible!

Brittnee's questions:
1) What is your favorite mascara?
I really like the covergirl lashblast (the one in the orange tube) and I love the waterproof formula of that too. 
2) What post on your blog is your favorite and why?
My favorite has to be the "me without makeup" post, which I'll link here, because I got some great feedback and I loved being able to share with you guys my imperfections too. 
3) If you could be an animal, what would you be?
I think it would be cool to be an octopus because I'd love having all those tentacles! 
4) If you had to spend $1,000 in one store, where would it be?
Probably macys! I love getting my clothes from there and they have makeup counters too!
5) If you had to spend $1,000 on one person besides yourself, who would it be?
Probably my sister because she wears a lot of my old hand me downs, which look nice and she doesn't mind, but I think it would be fun for her to go on a shopping spree!
6) Favorite way to promote your blog?
I like to comment on some blogs and leave my link! But I never, ever spam people. 
7) Do you like board games or card games?
I like card games more, but I play board games more often!
8) What is your best beauty tip?
To do eye makeup before foundation! You can cover up your fall out with foundation and it'll look really perfect!
9) What is your favorite website to shop on?
Probably because I love just browsing on it and I love how its more organized than an actual sephora store!
10) If you could get anyone to guest post on your blog, who would you choose and why?
Probably Kendall or Kylie Jenner because I love their style and I think that they'd know a lot of insider tricks and tips because they are around this stuff a lot. Also, they could be considered "modern beauty girls" themselves!
11)What is your favorite candy?
I really like candy corn! It is so sweet and amazing and I'm obsessed! Or redvines! Those are really good too!

So I won't nominate individual people, because I've already done most of the nominating in the past three posts! So I will nominate all of you readers to do this in the comments! I will leave my 11 questions at the end of this post for you if you'd like to do it and don't forget to follow my blog!

My 11 Questions!
1) Favorite lip color to wear?

2) Ulta or Sephora?
3) Drugstore or High end makeup?
4) Favorite high end makeup brand?
5) Favorite drugstore makeup brand?
6) Eyes, lips, or nails?
7) Favorite nail polish?
8) Do you shop online or in store more often?
9) Favorite clothing store?
10) Favorite fall color?
11) Favorite starbucks drink!

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