Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sephora Colorful Duo Eyeshadow Reveiw

Hey everyone!
I hauled this eyeshadow recently and I thought that I'd do a review on it quickly as it is on sale on right now! Originally this product retails for $16, but I got it for $5! 

So this product is around the size of one of the MAC large shadows. So you do get quite a bit of product in it! The packaging is plastic and it has a clear top so you can see the colors inside. Also, as you can see, the colors are separated in different pans (rather than both in the same pan). The top shade is a satin finish blue shade. It looks like a bright teal on camera, but it is like a deepened aqua or a royal blue in real life. The emerald shade is also actually a little bit darker, but its pretty true to shade in the picture! The bottom shade is a shimmery shade. 

So these aren't the most pigmented shadows. The swatches on the right are heavier swatches that are built up, and the ones on the right are sheerer because they are only one swipe. The texture is really creamy and buttery and I love how they don't look powdery when built up! I also think its smart that they are sheerer because they can be used as a subtle wash or a full on bright color pop! 

So overall, I like this shadow. I wouldn't have purchased it for full price, but I think that since its $5, its a great way to try out two amazing, bright shadows! Let me know what kinds of tutorials you'd like with this shadow and don't forget to subscribe to this blog for more reviews!

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  1. What a good deal you got here! :) Great review and I LOVE the color of these eye shadows! <3