Monday, October 21, 2013

Random Updates

Hey everyone!
So this is just a really quick post with some fun new exciting things and updates! So first off, I have reached 25 followers on bloglovin! I think that a lot of you guys that follow this blog do it through there and that is where I pretty much get my idea of how many people follow my blog. I get that 25 isn't that much, but I really do appreciate it if you subscribe to me! Also, if you don't yet subscribe, you should because once I reach 100 followers I'll do a giveaway! (Probably a MAC product giveaway!)
Also, I wanted to include a quick poll to see where you guys follow me so I can best tailor my blog to suit your guys needs! I would really appreciate it if you took a few minutes to do this and you can select as many answers as you want if you follow me in multiple platforms!

Where do you follow Modern Beauty Girl?

So thanks again everyone for your support and help me reach 100 subscribers so I can give something back to you guys! 

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