Friday, October 25, 2013

OCC Anime Lip Tar Review

Hey everyone!
I got the OCC all star minis X4 set from Sephora the other day and I wanted to review each individual lip tar! If you want to see the post where I review the set, I'll link it here for you guys! 

This lip tar is ultra pigmented and is a bright pink shade! It applies very smoothly with the lip brush and a little goes a long way. The brush makes application really precise and its very easy to get full coverage. The shade isn't the most unique because it is just a basic fuchsia, but the texture of this product is really lightweight with a slight sheen that fades after a few hours. This product slightly stains my lips upon removal and I have noticed that after eating, it fades in the center of my lips, but not around the edges leaving a weird look! 

Overall, I really like this lip tar, but I'm not sure if you should buy this particular shade because it is a very common shade (i.e. Maybelline Vivid Rose is very similar) and I think that there are more unique shades that you can get from OCC! But with that being said, this is a very great product! Let me know if you have any OCC lip tars and what you think of them in the comments!