Sunday, October 20, 2013

OCC All Star Mini's Review

Hey everyone!
So before I start this post, I just want to clarify that this post is on the all star minis as a set. I will do individual reviews on all the shades in the upcoming days, but this has been requested and I think that I have enough information and that I've tried it out enough to do a review on the set as a whole! So let's get started. 

So this is what you get with the set! A small lip brush, and 4 mini sized lip tars. For your reference, a normal sized lip tar comes with 10 mL of products and these minis come with 2.5 mL of products and OCC says that this is a $34 value for $20 so this is a great deal! The shades that you get are Anime, a bright pink, NSFW, a bright, gorgeous, red, Memento, a neutral "your lips but better" shade, and Black Dahlia, a blackened burgundy red vampy shade. I think that the shade selection is great because you get a red, a vampy shade, a neutral, and a bright pink and if you mix the shades together, you can get pretty much any color that you'd need!

The lip brush is very good and applies the lip tars very well. It is very good quality and it isn't a crappy brush that they added in to make it seem like a good value, it is actually a brush that I'd spend my own money on, its that good! 

You might think that you're not getting a lot of product, but you only need literally a drop to cover your lips and unless you're using these all day every day, they will last you a good amount of time! For size reference, I put a tube of lip tar next to my iphone (4S) so you can get a good judge of its size. 

Overall, if you have been wanting to try out a lip tar, this is a very good set to get because you are getting some shade variations for $2 more than a normal lip tar. Also, I think that this is perfect because it is right in that price point where you can get this for a friend or family member for christmas! Overall, I think that this is a wonderful set and is totally worth getting!
Let me know what lip tars are your favorites in the comments below! Right now, mines is NSFW or Black Dahlia!

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