Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fall 2013 Trend #1: Warm, Bright Red!

Hey everyone!
I wanted to do a few fall trend posts in a mini series or something because although fall started in september, it really didn't start feeling like fall until this week! So I am going to do this post on a huge (and surprising) trend this season: warm toned, bright reds! 
For years now, burgundy and deep blackened reds have been the color of the season. This year, this is shifting! Although red is still super in, the shade and tone has changed. This year's reds are brighter, more true red that even lean a little warmer toned or orange! I think that this is a great change because burgundy and deep reds can be hard to pull off, and this shade can look way more flattering and less intense! I thought that to help you embrace this trend, I'd share a few of my favorite products this shade! So I have three lip favorites and one nail one! 
So starting with the lip ones...
If you want a true, neutral (not too cool toned or warm toned) red, you should check out L'Oreal Color Riche lipstick in 320 Red. This shade is perfect because it isn't really orangey or too warm, but is the perfect red! It is a little deeper than some of the more orange based reds and this is a shade that is a perfect red lip for all skintones!
For a brighter, warmer red you should use Mirenesse Glossy Kiss in Number 2: Flirty Kiss. This red is similar to the L'Oreal one, but it is a little bit warmer toned. It isn't full on orange or anything like that, but it does have a subtle warm tone that isn't hugely noticeable. This jumbo lip pencil also shows up as lighter than the L'Oreal one and is once again perfect for all skintones, but I think it will look just a little better on more tan skintones because it will highlight the goldenness of the skin!
If you want to subtly embrace the trend, try Maybelline baby lips in Cherry Me. This is a tinted lip balm. It does apply very sheer compared to the previous 2 lip products and this is a plus if you want to try this at work or school or if you aren't a fan of opaque lips! This is a red, but it has a little bit of a pinker undertone, which isn't really "on trend", but it still looks really pretty and especially if you have more pigmented lips can translate even pinker than expected. 
My nail favorite is the Jordana nail polish in Ruby Red. It's a neutral toned red with some red and golden shimmer in it. This nail polish is so gorgeous and I think that everyone should get it because its amazing and cheap!
So let me know what your favorite reds are this fall in the comments! Also, don't forget to subscribe for the rest of my fall trends posts!


  1. I love deep red, it''s one of my favourite colours!


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  3. me too! I think that its so classic and festive!

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