Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Dupes for Mixing Palettes

Hey everyone!
I know that sometimes people will shell out some moolah on some mixing palettes for foundations or other cream products. If you're a makeup artist or a beauty girl that is willing to spend the money on it, that's great, but if you are more of a penny pincher rather than a spender, I have some dupes for you!

I like to use candle lid (like the ones on top of bath and body works candles) as a palette! Obviously you'll want to disinfect it and wash it with soap and water before using it, but it works just as well as a palette! It doesn't absorb any product like a paper plate or cardboard would, it doesn't cost money like some actual palettes do, and it is something that most people have lying around the house anyway! If you are not a candle collector, or if you don't have any candle lids, you can also use CD covers as palettes. These are plastic and usually clear. Once again, please disinfect them! But the one downside is that these CD covers are clear and I like my palettes to be more opaque so I can see the colors of the product better. Not a huge deal, but a personal preference for me!

So let me know if you use palettes frequently in your makeup routine and if you have any other dupes for plastic palettes!


  1. This is an awesome Idea! Also visit they have a great mixing palette for $5!!!!


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  2. thanks! and I've heard great things about crown brush, but I haven't bought anything from their yet! Maybe I'll do a purchase soon!