Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Confessions of a Beauty Guru TAG!

Hey everyone!
So this is a tag that went around a couple years ago before I was into blogging, but I thought that I'd do it anyways just for the fun of it! Also, I did reword a few questions to make them less youtube and more blog focused! 

1) How many hours a week do you spend writing and editing posts?

It really depends on the week! Most weeks I take pictures of my makeup looks and outfits during the week and write the posts accompanying them on the weekends, but if I don't take pictures during the week, it'll take a few hours longer!

2) Are you a spender or a saver?

I am more of a saver, but I do like to splurge a little bit every couple of months!

3) When is it easiest for you to post?

On weekends during the day or during the weekday at night! It's the most quiet times in my house!

4) What makes blogging comfortable for you?

I just write like I talk, which isn't proper english or whatever, but the first couple posts were written awkwardly, but I just got used to it~

5) Worst makeup habit?

I always want to do a dramatic eye, every day! I love eye makeup and it is just so fun for me to do!

6) What's one quote that you wish the world could live by?

Fall down 7 times, rise up 8!

7) How long do you spend getting ready?

Maybe 20 to 30 minutes?

8) Who's your favorite blogger?

Temptalia! She's amazing!

9) Who's a blogger that deserves more views?

Totally Ivy From Style Life Lovely! Her posts are amazing and I'll link her blog here for you!

10) One thing your looking forward to in the upcoming year?

I have a really big dance at school this year and it is one of the only semi formal dances at my school and I am so excited to go dress shopping and do some makeup tutorials on that!

11) Awkwardest blogging moment?

Sometimes when I'm taking a selfie at school or something like that to show you guys my makeup and people walk by. It's just very embarrassing! 

12) How long does it take you to prep for a post?

For reviews, it takes a while because I need to use it, test it, and take lots of pictures, but for hauls and tutorials, it's shorter because I just need pictures!

13) What do you wear while blogging?

Usually my pajamas if its late at night or my normal everyday clothes when its during the day time! 

14) What are you most proud of in your life?

I am really proud of how I'm able to put myself out there and to do something I love because I know that a lot of people spend time doing what others want and not what they want and I love that I am able to focus on things that I love!

So that was my confessions of a beauty guru tag! If you are a blogger, I'd love for you to use my re-written questions and leave it as a comment below or do it on your blog and link it in a comment! If you have any other tags that I haven't done yet, also leave the questions in a comment because I'd love to do more tags for you guys!


I tag:
Natalie (YoursTrulyNY)
Hope (BeautyBliss67)

Caroline (CaliJae)
Diana (MIS)

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