Monday, October 28, 2013


Hey everyone!
So I came across this TAG and I thought that I'd do it! I already did the I Love Fall tag so if you want to see that, I'll link it here! So let's get into this!
1) Favorite/Least Favorite thing about fall?
My favorite thing about fall is the scents! I love going into bath and body works at this time of year because spicy, cinnamony scents are my favorite! My least favorite thing is that in Hawaii, it starts the "wet" season, so it gets really rainy and humid!
2) Favorite clothing item for fall?
I have a pair of black ankle booties that I love, but I don't wear that much even in fall because boots seem so weird to wear in Hawaii, where everyone else wears flip flops! So either the booties or some sweaters from American Rag. They make great sweaters!
3) Favorite makeup trend for fall?
Dark lips! And this year, I get to join in on the fun with my OCC Black Dahlia lip tar!
4) Favorite fall food/drink?
My favorite food is candy corn! I know they have no texture or taste, but they're super yummy and amazing and I don't even know why I like it, but I do! My favorite fall drink is a chai latte from starbucks. In other news, have you heard that they have a chocolate chai latte on the menu now? I really want to try it!
5) Fall TV show premier you're looking forward to most?
It already premiered, but the one that I was looking forward to the most was Brooklyn Nine-Nine and I love that show!
6) Favorite fall tradition?
Pumpkin carving with my family! If you follow my twitter, you know that I carved Woody from Toy Story into mine this year! I'll link that twitter post here so you can see that pic! 

So that was the tag! I'll tag a few people to do this...
Natalie (YoursTrulyNY)
Hope (BeautyBliss67)

Caroline (CaliJae)
Diana (MIS)
Jenna (NorthernBeauty85)
If you want to do this TAG and I didn't tag you, go ahead and do it and leave it in a comment below so I can hear what makes Autumn AWESOME for you! Also, follow my twitter because I've been tweeting all the time and come back tomorrow for a new post! 

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