Saturday, October 5, 2013

Acne Sucks, but I'm Keeping it Real

Hey everyone!
Just a heads up! This is a totally crazy, random post, but I have my reasons for it!
One of my biggest pet peeves is when beauty gurus say, "I've had the worst acne in my life these past week", but yet they never show their flaws and only show their perfected skin rather than what their real skin looks like. I thought that I would be completely transparent with you guys because I am honestly having the worst acne of my life right now! But instead of showing pictures of me caked in concealer, I thought I'd show you actual pictures of my face! 

So on Saturday, I wore foundation and I used deeper shades to contour and all that. I usually never wear as heavy coverage as that and to make it worse, I used new samples rather than my tried and true. I think that there are a few foundations that I think are breaking me out, and I'll include that in the reviews of that product (Becca Cosmetics Foundation I'm looking at you!). So on my cheeks from right under my eyes to my jaw line, I am covered with red bumps, acne, and it's not a pretty sight! 

This post wasn't meant to get sympathy or anything like that, but just to show that I'm human, I have acne too, and I think that I'm beautiful with and without acne as all girls (and guys) should be! If you suffer from hardcore acne, I totally get your pain now and I will try to do some concealer tutorials just for you guys!

Leave a comment below if you liked this post, or if you didn't because I'd like some feedback as this isn't a post I usually do!


  1. I had pretty bad acne about four years ago the summer before I started college. I had to go to a dermatologist to get it to clear up. I still have to go every now and then to make sure I don't get break outs like that anymore. Some of the scars have faded now, but there are a select few that probably never will!

    I like posts like this. It's nice to see someone be honest and admit that everything isn't "okay" even though your skin will clear up in time! Just be patient :)

    Ivy xx
    Style Life Lovely

  2. I give you so much credit for doing a post like this! I think it is so important to be real and honest with people! The past 6 months I have had really bad cystic acne all on my cheeks, chin and forehead. I felt embarrassed to walk out my door it was so bad. Since starting my new skincare routine I have seen a huge improvement even though I still have some bad scarring and breakouts. I use the Revlon Colorstay whipped foundation which seems to be the only foundation that does not break me out and helps my skin because it has salicylic acid in it. I would definitely recommend that for you! I also am trying to use gluten free, paraben free, fragrance free and more natural products because you don't want all that bad stuff seeping into your skin!

    xo CJ

  3. Cali,
    Thank you so much for the foundation recommendation! I felt like I needed to be honest with all my readers and subscribers and thank you so much for your support!

  4. I love this post! i get the occasional breakout, especially on my cheeks and jawline, but for my light complexion the scars are the very worst! they linger so long & make my skin look as though I have worse acne than it really is.
    I'm really glad you put this up, because now I think one day I may have the confidence to post something like this on my own blog. Also you've found a follower through this honesty! I love seeing people be real and open! x

  5. thanks so much! I really appreciate your kind words :)