Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Science Behind Beauty: Why Heat Styling Works

Hey everyone!
So this is my second the science behind beauty post! I am so excited for this one because it is on something that I personally learned in Biology the other day and I think that it will help a lot of you out a lot! It's also really impressive to tell other people! So let's get started! 
Hair is pretty much protein. There are some people who are like "hair is dead skin cells" and while that is somewhat true, hair is pretty much just protein, to be more specific it is Keratin. There are a few different structures of protein and hair is in a spiral like structure. This is fortified by hydrogen bonding between different sections of the sprial, which helps to hold the protein in that spiral shape. When you either blow dry or curl or straighten your hair, you are releasing those hydrogen bonds that are holding that spiral structure, bending your protein to a new structure, and allowing different hydrogen bonds to be formed. There are a little more in depth things about this, and if you'd like to hear them email me at or leave a comment below. Otherwise, that is pretty much the easiest explanation!
So what does this mean? Why is this useful? This is useful for people because it helps you understand what you are doing to your hair when you are heating it. Also, when you curl something or if you blow out your hair with a blow dryer, use the cool setting right after you heat it to "set" the new hydrogen bonds. Hydrogen bonds are weak and aren't even real "bonds" so to speak, so your hair will fall during the day if they are curled or anything like that. 
So I hope that this helped to explain the science behind heat styling! If you have any other ideas for TSBB posts, leave them in a comment below and don't forget to subscribe so you can check out my new the science behind beauty posts each week!

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